See you Wednesday


On Saturday Hermana Gomez put a chocolate in my bed to be nice so then I put it in my pocket so it wouldn’t get messed up. I forgot it was in my pocket and we went into this house that was really hot. I took my jacket off and kept it on my lap and then forgot again and at the end of the lesson I looked at it and it had melted everywhere and I was like uhhh.  Then my companions saw and they laughed at me and then I had to explain to the people we were visiting that I wasn’t laughing at them, I just spilled chocolate everywhere.  The investigator got me windex. But I put it in the wash and everything is good!!!

It was my last week & it was way good!!!!!! We found a ton of new people (10 new investigators) to teach and we had some fun times.  I always forget that there really are a ton of people who would love to hear about the gospel but just haven’t found it yet. An English sister came with us and so we have been rocking out as a trio.

IMG_3432I bought a piñata that was a unicorn cause one of my lil friends asked me to. So on Tuesday we had a quick piñata party. Then we visited some members that just moved here from portland who were cool and really wanted us to eat their Chinese food they had just made. We brought another member and her daughter B, who I love. She is the one that bore her testimony when I did a few weeks ago.

I went to my last zone meeting ever. I will miss those a lot. I remember at the beginning of my mission I always thought everyone else knew more than I did, but I love how everyone participates and everyone has something helpful or innovative to say. There are so many amazing people that have given up a lot of stuff to come on a mission.

After the meeting we ate lunch and the spanish missionaries made me a really big burrito full of a lot of lettuce. So that was nice of them.IMG_3434

We always talk to the ladies in the lobby at the apartment and ask if there’s anything we can do to help them and then they asked if we could decorate the big Christmas tree in their lobby! It was kind of a lot of pressure cause like all the residents will see it and I am not that good at decorating trees, but it was actually fun & I think it turned out pretty well.

Two of the people we taught this week were A and C. We sang her a Christmas song first and then she said we could come back a few days later and she was totally right and happy to talk with us. Then C came in and was like why are there so many churches and we were like woaaah we can tell you!! Teaching people is so fun and exciting. I feel like I get boring just talking about teaching people but I really have enjoyed it. Like you just feel so good and happy to tell people that God really loves them and cares about them and they can make promises with him to get blessings on blessings. It’s a good time of year.  I know that Jesus was the first gift and that we can read about him in the Bible & the Book of Mormon.

I’m way grateful for everything I’ve learned and experienced while on my mission!! See you on Wednesday!!









See you Wednesday...

See you Wednesday…


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