nos vemos

Sister Hannah Scow

Thanks Grandpa! Thanks Grandpa!

Last night we got to go to a baptism in Gresham. Seeing all my friends there made me really happy. And then when I said I go home like next week they were like nooo I thought you would get transferred back. Someone I was visiting is going to the Temple on December 27th to get sealed and they invited me I was so excited and I really wish I could go. I seriously didn’t know if they were ever going to get sealed in the Temple! And now they are, but I will be in California. Oh well what can you do. Anyway, those friends in Gresham are the best.

On Tuesday we had the mission Christmas conference so we all got to go to the Portland Temple, which was awesome in itself. And then we all went to a church and ate some like thanksgivingy dinner and mingled and then…

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