La semana de hielo

HCS12-1-14 4 I looooove all the pictures you sent!! And all the info about the trip! My family is cool. Every week I keep getting more excited to see you all and there’s like a Mormon Message called My Fun Family Vacation and I’m like ahh I get to see my family so soon! That’s fun that you did glass blowing and made so many pizzas. We ate thanksgiving with some Colombians and had like huge tamales and aripas or something. And then all the missionaries that are in Vancouver west got to hang out with the mission president and his wife and eat pies that he made.  oh my goodness, it was the best pie of my life.  I don’t really like pie but it was so good. Pumpkin flavor. Tommorow we get to go to the Portland Temple as a mission cause it’s almost Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas everyone should watch He Is the Gift. It’s on YouTube (  We usually show it to people on our iPads but one time we got to watch it on someone’s big screen tv. I know that Jesus loves us and as we remember why he came to earth and what he taught and we apply it to our lives, we can be happier and feel purposeful. Feeling purposeful is a good feeling. It is something I’ve really enjoyed about serving a mission. Even though there are always people that aren’t interested, there are also people that are interested and are willing to make little changes now to be happy for eternity.

Saturday was one of the best days this week. It was sunny and we were able to meet and teach a lot of people. One of them was S. We knocked on her door and I may or may not have been kind of hula dancing to imitate these statues she had on the window sill.  Anyway, she opened the door and said she was busy cleaning but we chatted with her and she told us her boss had died recently and she was pretty distraught about that. We asked if we could come in and she was pretty hesitant cause she said it was messy. I’m like oh it’s totally fine we don’t care. We shared the video called Because of Him (  which is about everybody living again.  We will all be resurrected just like Jesus was. She really opened up more and told us about a dream she had where God appeared to her and told her to believe in him and trust him. I love when people tell me about dreams that they have and then we are like well there is a reason you had this dream. Anyway, she said she doesn’t usually let random people into her house and she doesn’t even usually open the door but she felt like she should. It was awesome. Not everyone realizes that God is in the details of their life. And she did. She knew that there was a reason she let us in and she said she would love to have us keep coming back.

And then after the sun went down it was pretty frigid. But we knocked on J’s door and she let us in!  She remembered that like 4 years ago missionaries on bikes from our church brought her medicine when she was sick. And she has some mormon friends in Mexico. She was just cool and very open to our message. We talked about how God teaches little by little and as we keep going back and asking more questions he will keep answering.  But he is not just going to overwhelm us with more information than we can handle.

God is very lovable. And I’ve so much enjoyed this time I have been able to dedicate to Him….To teach others and myself more about Him and how we can reach our full potential in this life.  Thank you for your support and kindness.  I love you!  Happy December!




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