see you soon

Today we hiked in some caves.

Last night we went to someone’s house and helped them assemble their plastic Christmas tree. There is a new little video the church put out.  It is called He is the Gift.  It is short and powerful and I love it. (We showed it to a different lady who we just met and when it finished she was like can we watch it again hahhaa I’m like ohhh heck yes. ) Anyway, it’s the coolest members from Guatemala and they fed us plantains and cheese and hot chocolate. And the other night we ate some papaya and pineapple.

We brought LP  to our lesson with H. But the kids were recklessly detracting from the spirit so I got to take the role of keeping them quiet and testifying of the plan of salvation. I really love kids but i probably love more when people feel the spirit and realize what we are teaching is true.  H really can change his life around if he wants to and he puts in some effort.

A brought us over to meet her friend and the friend made us coffee which we had to politely decline. And then she made us hot chocolate. She told us that her husband passed away a few years ago and how she thinks about him all the time. I testified of the Temples and that if done by the authority of God, marriages can last for eternity. She said we can come back. She’s going to California for a while though..and A is going to Mexico for like 3 months. Way too classic.

I really enjoy being a missionary and being able to tell them that God loves them a lot.  Everyone still just always seems so busy working and going to the store and cleaning and doing all these good things, but they forget the bigger picture.  We are here so we can find the path that leads to eternal life! We all lived with God as spirits before this life and he wants every single one of us to be with him forever!

I love you forever!  See you soon!!


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