being a missionary is the greatest!

HCS11-17-14 5

saying good-bye in Hood River a couple weeks ago…


So this week was like the coldest thing ever. One day it was so windy and then the next day it started to snow. But it’s  not as cold anymore.

A member referred us to her friend who has cancer. And we have been visiting her. She told us she lies on her bed all day and at night she can barely sleep. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and about how we lived with God before we came to earth. There is more to life than just this time on earth. And her husband was there too. At the end we invited him to say the prayer before we left. He was hesitant but we all kneeled and he said a prayer. It is amazing to just feel the Spirit in a home when someone prays for the first time.

We visited this lady that I taught when I was here last year and it’s so fun to see her. She has been working a ton  (alllll of our investigators work a ton) but we were kind of by her house so we decided to just stop by. She let us in and I shared the talk I love by Elder Bednar. It was that story he shared of his sons playing outside. The one son got hurt and the other one cleaned him and put cream and band aids and then the younger son went out and put cream on his friends and bandaids and it was related to why as members of the church we love sharing the gospel.  Anyway, it really impacted her cause she has been selling Avon hand cream hahahhaha , she’s a really funny lady.

But seriously so many of the people who are interested in learning are so busy. They are just working all the time to support their families here. But it’s like ahh this is what your family needs! This will bless you now and forever.

We are teaching some teenage girls and they have questions on questions. We brought one of the young women and everyone was edified. They want to be baptized.

And last week this girl that the elders had taught in the past came to church.  She is in high school, but not really cause she got expelled. But we visited her and she made us hot chocolate. She just seems so lost. Sometimes I feel lost and I get caught up in things that don’t even matter. But then I try to focus on an eternal perspective. But for this girl she just seems confused about everything.  Like it makes me sad.  I just want to help her realize that God has a plan for her and like if she just sincerely asks for guidance and help, He will help. I’ve felt that in my life. I know that everything will work out if we have faith in Jesus and try as best as we can.

On Friday we had a lesson with this guy and his mom visiting from Mexico, they are from like exactly where we were in the CCM (missionary training center). They have been to the visitors center and I got to teach the mom while Hermana Porter taught the son. It’s fun to just have real conversations with real people about things that have helped me. Being a missionary is the greatest.

HCS11-17-14 9

Hermana Porter and Hermana Scow



HCS11-17-14 6

so sad to say good-bye to this great friend.



HCS11-17-14 3

wonderful companions from the past!



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