It was sunny finally…popsicles!

HCS11-10-14 2

Today it was sunny!! Which is a miracle in itself.

On Wednesday we had a lesson set up with this guy. But there’s the rule like you can’t just teach a single man so it was getting close to the time and I was like uhh lets just call A, she lives kind of by him. She hasn’t come to church for a few years but we have been visiting her and on Monday night she gave us tacos. Anyways, she said she would be able to go, so we pick her up and she’s like who are we visiting and we tell her the name and she’s like oh I know him. His brother married my daughter! Craaazy.he was so suprised to see her. We taught about Jesus and baptism and she was like testifying of things and it was good on a lot of levels. Also, side note, she came to church this week!!!

Then we went to visit this lady who is friends with a family in the branch. And so this girl answered the door and I totally just acted like we knew them already and she let us in. The lady is very ill and so she is just in bed all day and we talked about the atonement and it was spiritual.

One of the members from Guatemala was really stoked about the Temple that just got dedicated there and so he called us and wanted to show us the cultural celebration. It was beautiful to see how happy he was. He said he watches it like everyday. I love how there are Temples all over the world and they embrace the culture of the place at the dedications. Then I was dying to find someone from Guatemala to tell them about the temple, and the next night we found this cool guy! And he is from the exact city where the Temple was built and I was like woah call your family and ask about it. I may or may not have written it on the back of a restoration pamphlet. Free present!

Yesterday the elders gave me a huge bag of lettuce that they had for some reason. It was awesome.

This week was nice. I am grateful to be a missionary. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God’s church. I know that the prophets and leaders are called of God. And we are all exactly where we need to be. God loves us enough to allow us to learn and be stretched. And a positive attitude can bring about a ton of good. Have a cool week!!!  I love you!

HCS11-10-14 3

A talking parrot named Kesha

HCS11-10-14 11

Sister Shmockel

HCS11-10-14 14

My friend has a giant Pokemon card!

HCS11-10-14 10


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