i’ll see you so soon it’s pretty ridiculous

Monday was the best cause we played soccer during the day, and the car wash guy paid for our car wash, and we taught 4 lessons at night. One of which was J who lives with A. We had a lesson planned with A but then J was sitting in the kitchen and I felt like I should talk with her. So Hermana Porter taught A in the dining room haha and it was so pleasant.  J had some questions about being missionaries and I had some questions about her life and we talked about so many things. In her teen years she had been searching for a church and had even attended our church and met with the missionaries but a real deal breaker for her was about blacks not receiving the Priesthood before. She also explained her concerns about having like a leader of the church who just tells you what to do. And my thoughts were, the question is like well is it just a man who has decided to start a church and make rules, or does Jesus Christ have a representative on the earth today just as he did in the past. But it was such a calm conversation, and it was very enjoyable to just casually talk with her about her beliefs. One thing that we definitely agreed on is the power of a personal testimony. When you have an experience and you feel that something is from God or something is true, then someone else’s argument cannot change your mind. And I just loved that. Because it is so easy for other things to get in the way and destroy things that we believe, but to remember feelings are sometimes more important than logic is crucial. Somethings we will just not understand completely right now. God has a much larger point of view and it talks about this kind of in Dieter Uchtdorfs talk from conference. I really love that talk.

Tuesday night I helped a kid with his homework. Wow I really didn’t understand how blessed I was to grow up with parents who helped me with my hw and controlled how much tv I watched. It makes me so sad to see all these kids who have a ton of potential but aren’t taught or helped by their parents. It doesn’t seem fair that some people are just raised in different situations but I guess that’s how life is and we are all where we are for a reason.

Exchanges with Shmockel were grand. Except we like started talking to this 12 year old girl who was outside and we invited her to come to the Halloween party with her family and we watched a mormon message together. And then we walked away to visit other people but then she like came after us and asked to use our phone cause she was locked out. So we were like okay. She called her grandpa but then handed us the phone and I’m like uhh I don’t know what to say so I was just like hey we are here with your granddaughter and she said she is locked out. And then he like started cussing at me and asking who I was and said that he was going to call the police on us. I’m like “woah girl I don’t think this is your grandpa”, she was like it is and then she proceeded to call him again and not talk but just hand us the phone and he wasn’t happy still so we were like uhh we have to go and it was the weirdest thing ever, then he called us a few more times but we didn’t answer. I have no idea what ended up happening but it was sketch.

But then the day got better cause at night we taught a guy and Sister Shmockel doesn’t speak Spanish so I taught the whole lesson and would like translate for her testimony and stuff, which was actually cool and powerful. But I talked about Joseph Smith and showed him the picture of him in the Sacred Grove, and then he tells us he had a dream about that last week!!! That the picture looked so familiar. Too classic.

On Halloween we went to the ward Halloween party and then we had a zone Halloween party where we played this interesting game where you make animal noises and have to remember things. I ate waaay more pumpkin chocolate chip cookies than I should have. And a caramel apple that I made.

Saturday was greaaaat!! We had a zone comp study with President Taylor. He is the man! He always has something so inspired to say. Then later in the day we taught some cool lessons to cool  people. This one family  had the missionaries teaching them in Happy Valley and now they moved here and we are teaching them. We talked about faith and repentance and the youth were really intellectual. Like I am very sure I wasn’t that wise when I was their age.

Then I remembered where this person lived from when I was here last year and so we knocked on the door but the people spoke to us thru the window cause maybe we looked threatening or something, but they just moved in 8 days ago from Mexico. Jackpot!!

It’s good to be alive. Even though it’s raining more often than not. But I am enjoying it. I’ll see you so soon it’s pretty ridiculous. Hope your Halloween was good and your day of the dead, and anything else that has been celebrated recently. I love you!!!!!


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