everything really is worth it

the kids love my iPad

the kids love my iPad

This week really was good. I’m not sick anymore so that is a huge plus. We have been getting to know the people here in Vancouver. And they are awesome.

We were able to teach a 15 year old girl about baptism. She went on a tour of the church and told us she really felt good when they were by the baptismal font. She told us that she had been talking to her sister like shoot I wish we had been baptized in this church instead of as babies and we got to share with her that she can be baptized in this church, the same way Jesus Christ was and by the authority of God. She told us

what she has gone through in life and I was just like woah that is admirable to have such a positive attitude about it. So many youngins are so wise. It amazes me!

On Sunday we were invited to give our testimonies cause we are the “new” missionaries in the branch so I asked this little girl if I went up to give my testimony would she also. She kept going back and forth trying to decide and then I went up and then I sat next to her and she was like okay I will do it. And when she finished she was so happy and she saw her mom was even crying because she was proud of her daughter. It was just so sweet. I love being back with all my kid friends here in Vancouver.

The branch here is the coolest. All of the families are so unique and lovable. I feel so blessed to get to know them. Yesterday there was a lesson in relief society about being grateful and everyone got to say what they were grateful for and pretty much all of them said they were grateful for the missionaries that first knocked on their door. I didn’t know them before they joined the church but I know them now and can only imagine how much their lives have changed by applying the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It makes me wonder about maybe one day some of the people that we talk to on the streets will join the church and then everything will be worth it. Everything really is worth it. Being able to talk with my brothers and sisters about how much God loves them and what we can do to live with him again is truly such a treat.

Thank you for your love and support and for what I have learned from you. I am trying to enjoy every moment and I am liking it. Every experience can be positive and/or beneficial. It is kind of crazy that I will be home before Christmas. But I’m excited to see everyone. I love you!!!!!!!!


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