Back to Vancouver…

HCS10-20-14 5Leaving Hood River was sad and to make it even better right when I got to Vancouver I got sick. Well like the next day. But when we got to the apartment it was a terrible mess and it was very gross and we probably should have taken a before picture cause literally the fridge had like moldy food and everything about it was bad. I’m pretty sure that’s how I got sick. Because I was totally fine in Hood River and then when I woke up on Thursday morning it was like boom sickness. Being sick as a missionary is the worst, it’s probably like being sick as a mom cause you still are expected to do so many things but it’s 10 times harder to focus.  Anyway, I’m not like about to die or anything, even though it kind of feels like it. Today we are just going to rest because Hermana Porter is starting to feel sick too. I just wish it would go away faster.HCS10-20-14 8

Wednesday was transfers and of course it was raining. We got to the apartment and it was quite dirty so we had to clean it real quick and then we went out and visited people we had taught a year ago. Hahhaha it was interesting and the people actually remembered us!

Church yesterday was fun cause I got to see all of the people I knew from last year!   We are still trying to figure out who everyone is and what they have been taught and stuff so that has been good,

HCS10-20-14 1On Thursday night we visited M and she had just killed chickens and was like plucking them and she said we could read her conference talks while she did it. haha So I like strengthened my gag reflex, I guess. Like I don’t want to be too graphic but there was literally a tupperware full of chicken heads. HCS10-20-14 2




Anyway, everything is pretty awesome here except that I am sick but I know I will be better soon! I love you!  Bye!


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