Coolest Lesson of My mission

Okay sorry again last week I didn’t really send anything but Mount St Helens was great and totally worth it!

Lesson with L. Coolest lesson of my mission. She is such a cool lady!!  She used to be catholic but then decided that she felt closer to God when she switched to a different Christian church. She doesn’t drink or smoke and said that people at her work make fun of her for that. But she knows what is good and wants to do it. This week we had a lesson with her and asked one of the church members that joined the church a few years ago to come with us. And it was perfect. Like it probably could not have worked out any better. As we taught L about prophets and Jesus and the apostasy, the member was able to bear her testimony and how she felt and what she thought about all this stuff before she joined the church, when she was trying to figure out what to do. I will admit i am aIways kind of like ahhhh I don’t want to tell her too much information and freak her out, but we told her about joseph smith and his vision where God and Jesus came down and spoke with him to answer his prayer. We had her read their answer that none of the churches were right, and when she read it she got kind of startled and said she felt like really hot and was like I know that is God talking to me and making a point that this is true and real.  It was so neat and she said the prayer at the end. It was the most sincere prayer I’ve ever heard. We always tell people to pray  just like they are talking to their earthly father, and her prayer was so sweet and genuine and I could just feel how much she wanted to find the truth. After we left and we thanked Sister B for coming, she said that L’s ancestors were totally there in spirit. I loved everything about it!

And then after that we just decided to stop at J’s house.  He is a guy in Bingen who doesn’t come to church and his wife isn’t a member. Last week he said he was going to visit his sick grandfather so I asked how his grandfather was and he told us that he had died like 2 days ago. He was pretty distraught and we were able to testify about the spirit world and how we can live with our families forever.  The spirit really guided us to go there.

Another activity I really like is teaching people english. S’s mom is catholic and she really likes us. We met her once at S’s house but then the other time we were walking down the street and she recognized us and now we teach her english and it is so fun. Last time they gave us soup and we tried to explain what quinoa is.

One lady we are teaching told us we should go visit her ex husband haha so we did and he was nice and told us she was crazy. But he actually seemed really interested and had the classic question why are there so many churches. We talked about that and gave him a Book of Mormon. Also the whole time I was helping him paint his shed.

We were knocking doors and this one family said they were in the middle of reciting prayers but invited us to come in and I was like oh yeaah of course! But I only said that cause they were almost done. If we got there at the beginning we would have been watching them pray for like an hour. Anyways so they prayed a little and then offered us pizza and we got to know them. The 18 year old son had read a pamphlet called what Catholics Should Know About Mormons hahaha so he had some questions and we answered them. And then the mom said her brother is mormon and he is Hermano B who we totally know and love and visit!! The sad news is we went back the next week and she specifically told us she doesn’t really want us to talk about religion with them because she doesn’t want to get confused. She was raised catholic and her parents got pretty upset when her brother joined our church. Which made me really sad that they are too scared to learn about a church that had brought so much joy to her brother’s life. But we respected their request.HCS10-13-14 3

This week we got to see the new movie Meet the Mormons and I was like ehhhh, I am concerned what this is going to be, but I loved it! It was a really sweet movie and I liked the guy from Nepal. I liked all of the people actually. It showed so clearly how diverse the people in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are but how the beliefs and morals have brought happiness to so many peoples’ lives.  Everyone should see it!!
On Friday we got transfer letters and I am excited to go back to Vancouver where I started my mission! I will miss Hood River and everyone I have met here. All the people we teach are so confused that we get to switch places and have different companions. Hermana McKinlay has been an incredible companion and I have learned a lot from her about how I can be a better person. I love meeting so many different people and learning from their experiences and wisdom. It’s too crazy that I will be home in January. I keep telling myself it’s far away cause it’s next year, hahahhaa but it’s the first week of next year…

Anyways, I am feeling great and excited and I am grateful for all the experiences I have had and the things I have learned. I love you!!!!!!!!


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