One week late…post for Monday, September 29

HCS9:29:14 1This week we are taking care of the lady’s chickens that we live with. It is definitely a new experience for me and the only memory I had before this with like live chickens is when we went to the mission in San Luis Obispo or something and I was scared of them cause they kept chasing me. The first night Hermana McKay collected the eggs and then last night she was like okay it’s your turn. And I had to literally go in the chicken coop, where they are all there just chilling and make them move so I can get the eggs. None of them attacked me though so that was good. And on Sunday morning we got to wake up at 5 to do it cause we have meetings super early on sundays. Anyway, I’m learning some chicken skills.

On Monday night N took us to dinner cause she is the coolest and then we visited some people with her..well, just 2 and the first one wasn’t that happy we came hahaha but the 2nd family was. And then after, we visited someone up in parkdale. They live on the orchard in picker’s shacks or something. And they are the only ones there and it gets dark sooner so it was already kind of freaky. But brother Mac came with us.

Tuesday we went to white salmon like always and it started raining and someone bought us smoothies and we taught F. Her house said no soliciting but we still knocked hahaha and she was totally nice. The missionaries taught her like last year and she said she would love to learn more. So we are going back this week cause we had dinner to go to that we were already late too. It’s really hard to be on time to dinner.

Wednesday we taught more neat people!! And the highlight of the day was L. We had a lesson with her and she was the coolest. She grew up catholic but went through some hard times and started going to a Christian church, she has a very strong belief in God and Jesus and a cool outlook on life. I learned a lot from just listening to her talk about her beliefs and what has helped her. Her family is pretty upset that she left their church but she is strong in her beliefs even though the people and her work make fun of her for like not drinking and stuff. And then we visited another family who lives by her who just the dad is a member but now he doesn’t really come to church. And their son who is like 10 wants to be our best friend, hahahha he is so nice and always is like “when are you coming back??”

Thursday was a super good day. This one lady told us to come by Thursday morning but she wasn’t there so we stopped by someone else’s house and we haven’t been able to catch them home for like months! They were outside making pasole and we taught them about why the heck we keep coming to see them. And then as we were walking to our car a few streets down this lady calls out to us and she is really happy to see us and she like recognized my voice.. After a few seconds we figured out it was S’s mom who we talked to a few months ago. She was on a walk and so we walked and talked and she told us to come into her house and she showed us a tour. hahha she was so happy to have us there and kept offering us food and water and everything else. And she said she wanted to learn English so we are totally going to teach her English and about God.

Then we were bringing something to the V’s and they invited us to eat lunch with them!, it was really good Chilean lunch too! At night we visited the B’s and taught T who says he is going back to Mexico soon but he doesn’t know when ahaha and they gave us homemade tortillas!

All of the other days were good too! I just can’t really remember anything crazy exciting! I really am quite blessed to be in such a beautiful place with amazing people. Women’s conf was uplifting. Home run talk by Dieter. How exciting that General conf is this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

We are emailing at N’s house and a lady knocked on the door cause N sells corn and asked if we could pick her some. Hahaha luckily S was driving down the street and helped us cause last time I tried to pick corn, I did a terribly bad job and picked tiny ones. Have a good week!!!!!! I love you!!


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