everything really is worth it

the kids love my iPad

the kids love my iPad

This week really was good. I’m not sick anymore so that is a huge plus. We have been getting to know the people here in Vancouver. And they are awesome.

We were able to teach a 15 year old girl about baptism. She went on a tour of the church and told us she really felt good when they were by the baptismal font. She told us that she had been talking to her sister like shoot I wish we had been baptized in this church instead of as babies and we got to share with her that she can be baptized in this church, the same way Jesus Christ was and by the authority of God. She told us

what she has gone through in life and I was just like woah that is admirable to have such a positive attitude about it. So many youngins are so wise. It amazes me!

On Sunday we were invited to give our testimonies cause we are the “new” missionaries in the branch so I asked this little girl if I went up to give my testimony would she also. She kept going back and forth trying to decide and then I went up and then I sat next to her and she was like okay I will do it. And when she finished she was so happy and she saw her mom was even crying because she was proud of her daughter. It was just so sweet. I love being back with all my kid friends here in Vancouver.

The branch here is the coolest. All of the families are so unique and lovable. I feel so blessed to get to know them. Yesterday there was a lesson in relief society about being grateful and everyone got to say what they were grateful for and pretty much all of them said they were grateful for the missionaries that first knocked on their door. I didn’t know them before they joined the church but I know them now and can only imagine how much their lives have changed by applying the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It makes me wonder about maybe one day some of the people that we talk to on the streets will join the church and then everything will be worth it. Everything really is worth it. Being able to talk with my brothers and sisters about how much God loves them and what we can do to live with him again is truly such a treat.

Thank you for your love and support and for what I have learned from you. I am trying to enjoy every moment and I am liking it. Every experience can be positive and/or beneficial. It is kind of crazy that I will be home before Christmas. But I’m excited to see everyone. I love you!!!!!!!!


Back to Vancouver…

HCS10-20-14 5Leaving Hood River was sad and to make it even better right when I got to Vancouver I got sick. Well like the next day. But when we got to the apartment it was a terrible mess and it was very gross and we probably should have taken a before picture cause literally the fridge had like moldy food and everything about it was bad. I’m pretty sure that’s how I got sick. Because I was totally fine in Hood River and then when I woke up on Thursday morning it was like boom sickness. Being sick as a missionary is the worst, it’s probably like being sick as a mom cause you still are expected to do so many things but it’s 10 times harder to focus.  Anyway, I’m not like about to die or anything, even though it kind of feels like it. Today we are just going to rest because Hermana Porter is starting to feel sick too. I just wish it would go away faster.HCS10-20-14 8

Wednesday was transfers and of course it was raining. We got to the apartment and it was quite dirty so we had to clean it real quick and then we went out and visited people we had taught a year ago. Hahhaha it was interesting and the people actually remembered us!

Church yesterday was fun cause I got to see all of the people I knew from last year!   We are still trying to figure out who everyone is and what they have been taught and stuff so that has been good,

HCS10-20-14 1On Thursday night we visited M and she had just killed chickens and was like plucking them and she said we could read her conference talks while she did it. haha So I like strengthened my gag reflex, I guess. Like I don’t want to be too graphic but there was literally a tupperware full of chicken heads. HCS10-20-14 2




Anyway, everything is pretty awesome here except that I am sick but I know I will be better soon! I love you!  Bye!

Coolest Lesson of My mission

Okay sorry again last week I didn’t really send anything but Mount St Helens was great and totally worth it!

Lesson with L. Coolest lesson of my mission. She is such a cool lady!!  She used to be catholic but then decided that she felt closer to God when she switched to a different Christian church. She doesn’t drink or smoke and said that people at her work make fun of her for that. But she knows what is good and wants to do it. This week we had a lesson with her and asked one of the church members that joined the church a few years ago to come with us. And it was perfect. Like it probably could not have worked out any better. As we taught L about prophets and Jesus and the apostasy, the member was able to bear her testimony and how she felt and what she thought about all this stuff before she joined the church, when she was trying to figure out what to do. I will admit i am aIways kind of like ahhhh I don’t want to tell her too much information and freak her out, but we told her about joseph smith and his vision where God and Jesus came down and spoke with him to answer his prayer. We had her read their answer that none of the churches were right, and when she read it she got kind of startled and said she felt like really hot and was like I know that is God talking to me and making a point that this is true and real.  It was so neat and she said the prayer at the end. It was the most sincere prayer I’ve ever heard. We always tell people to pray  just like they are talking to their earthly father, and her prayer was so sweet and genuine and I could just feel how much she wanted to find the truth. After we left and we thanked Sister B for coming, she said that L’s ancestors were totally there in spirit. I loved everything about it!

And then after that we just decided to stop at J’s house.  He is a guy in Bingen who doesn’t come to church and his wife isn’t a member. Last week he said he was going to visit his sick grandfather so I asked how his grandfather was and he told us that he had died like 2 days ago. He was pretty distraught and we were able to testify about the spirit world and how we can live with our families forever.  The spirit really guided us to go there.

Another activity I really like is teaching people english. S’s mom is catholic and she really likes us. We met her once at S’s house but then the other time we were walking down the street and she recognized us and now we teach her english and it is so fun. Last time they gave us soup and we tried to explain what quinoa is.

One lady we are teaching told us we should go visit her ex husband haha so we did and he was nice and told us she was crazy. But he actually seemed really interested and had the classic question why are there so many churches. We talked about that and gave him a Book of Mormon. Also the whole time I was helping him paint his shed.

We were knocking doors and this one family said they were in the middle of reciting prayers but invited us to come in and I was like oh yeaah of course! But I only said that cause they were almost done. If we got there at the beginning we would have been watching them pray for like an hour. Anyways so they prayed a little and then offered us pizza and we got to know them. The 18 year old son had read a pamphlet called what Catholics Should Know About Mormons hahaha so he had some questions and we answered them. And then the mom said her brother is mormon and he is Hermano B who we totally know and love and visit!! The sad news is we went back the next week and she specifically told us she doesn’t really want us to talk about religion with them because she doesn’t want to get confused. She was raised catholic and her parents got pretty upset when her brother joined our church. Which made me really sad that they are too scared to learn about a church that had brought so much joy to her brother’s life. But we respected their request.HCS10-13-14 3

This week we got to see the new movie Meet the Mormons and I was like ehhhh, I am concerned what this is going to be, but I loved it! It was a really sweet movie and I liked the guy from Nepal. I liked all of the people actually. It showed so clearly how diverse the people in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are but how the beliefs and morals have brought happiness to so many peoples’ lives.  Everyone should see it!!
On Friday we got transfer letters and I am excited to go back to Vancouver where I started my mission! I will miss Hood River and everyone I have met here. All the people we teach are so confused that we get to switch places and have different companions. Hermana McKinlay has been an incredible companion and I have learned a lot from her about how I can be a better person. I love meeting so many different people and learning from their experiences and wisdom. It’s too crazy that I will be home in January. I keep telling myself it’s far away cause it’s next year, hahahhaa but it’s the first week of next year…

Anyways, I am feeling great and excited and I am grateful for all the experiences I have had and the things I have learned. I love you!!!!!!!!

A short one, but lots of pics

We made it to the top of Mount St. Helens

We made it to the top of Mount St. Helens

we had an awesome climb!! It was so fun and I will Probabaly be dead tomorrow.  Yeeeaah!! We started at 7 and got down by like 2. It was so pretty.

Also yea sorry I will write a really long email next week! Cause a TON of awesome stuff happened this week. Like we had the greatest lesson so far of my mission!!!! So I will gather my thoughts and stories and write them next week!! I love you a lot!! Thanks for your email!

Tomorrow we are watching Meet the Mormons as a mission, so that should be interesting! Thanks for everything mom!! Transfer letters come on Friday sooo I will let you know what happens. I honestly have no decent predictions at all. It will be a great suprise! Have an awesome week!!

HCS10:6:14 4

self timer with ios8

self timer with ios8

the claw

the claw

Flannel Friday…

Flannel Friday…

Despite how this looks, i love my ukelele

Despite how this looks, i love my ukelele

One week late…post for Monday, September 29

HCS9:29:14 1This week we are taking care of the lady’s chickens that we live with. It is definitely a new experience for me and the only memory I had before this with like live chickens is when we went to the mission in San Luis Obispo or something and I was scared of them cause they kept chasing me. The first night Hermana McKay collected the eggs and then last night she was like okay it’s your turn. And I had to literally go in the chicken coop, where they are all there just chilling and make them move so I can get the eggs. None of them attacked me though so that was good. And on Sunday morning we got to wake up at 5 to do it cause we have meetings super early on sundays. Anyway, I’m learning some chicken skills.

On Monday night N took us to dinner cause she is the coolest and then we visited some people with her..well, just 2 and the first one wasn’t that happy we came hahaha but the 2nd family was. And then after, we visited someone up in parkdale. They live on the orchard in picker’s shacks or something. And they are the only ones there and it gets dark sooner so it was already kind of freaky. But brother Mac came with us.

Tuesday we went to white salmon like always and it started raining and someone bought us smoothies and we taught F. Her house said no soliciting but we still knocked hahaha and she was totally nice. The missionaries taught her like last year and she said she would love to learn more. So we are going back this week cause we had dinner to go to that we were already late too. It’s really hard to be on time to dinner.

Wednesday we taught more neat people!! And the highlight of the day was L. We had a lesson with her and she was the coolest. She grew up catholic but went through some hard times and started going to a Christian church, she has a very strong belief in God and Jesus and a cool outlook on life. I learned a lot from just listening to her talk about her beliefs and what has helped her. Her family is pretty upset that she left their church but she is strong in her beliefs even though the people and her work make fun of her for like not drinking and stuff. And then we visited another family who lives by her who just the dad is a member but now he doesn’t really come to church. And their son who is like 10 wants to be our best friend, hahahha he is so nice and always is like “when are you coming back??”

Thursday was a super good day. This one lady told us to come by Thursday morning but she wasn’t there so we stopped by someone else’s house and we haven’t been able to catch them home for like months! They were outside making pasole and we taught them about why the heck we keep coming to see them. And then as we were walking to our car a few streets down this lady calls out to us and she is really happy to see us and she like recognized my voice.. After a few seconds we figured out it was S’s mom who we talked to a few months ago. She was on a walk and so we walked and talked and she told us to come into her house and she showed us a tour. hahha she was so happy to have us there and kept offering us food and water and everything else. And she said she wanted to learn English so we are totally going to teach her English and about God.

Then we were bringing something to the V’s and they invited us to eat lunch with them!, it was really good Chilean lunch too! At night we visited the B’s and taught T who says he is going back to Mexico soon but he doesn’t know when ahaha and they gave us homemade tortillas!

All of the other days were good too! I just can’t really remember anything crazy exciting! I really am quite blessed to be in such a beautiful place with amazing people. Women’s conf was uplifting. Home run talk by Dieter. How exciting that General conf is this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

We are emailing at N’s house and a lady knocked on the door cause N sells corn and asked if we could pick her some. Hahaha luckily S was driving down the street and helped us cause last time I tried to pick corn, I did a terribly bad job and picked tiny ones. Have a good week!!!!!! I love you!!