iOS 8 is beautiful, but not as beautiful as the Portland Temple

HCS9-22-14 3What a fun week!!!!!!! Yes I got the ukulele and I was so happy! The lady we live with always texts us when we have a letter or package and so i was like is it shaped like a ukulele? And she was like I can’t tell you! So when we went home and it totally was, i was so happy! The children’s hymn book has the notes and Hermana McKinlay taught me how to tune it. And so everything is happy in the ukulele department. Sometimes we play/sing hymns for people we teach 🙂  yea seriously it’s freaky how soon I will be home!!

Monday night we went to visit A who we have had two lessons with. She has an autistic daughter and we mowed her lawn one time and gave her a Book of Mormon and then last week she said she had read some of it and had questions so we clarified and she said she would keep reading. So we were stoked to see her today and she answered the door looking distraught. Her husband had told her that he didn’t want us to visit anymore… We didn’t even get to meet him but she said he doesn’t like when any missionaries come. She felt so bad and she was like you have done nothing wrong and I like you but I need to respect my husband.  She is such a cool lady who wanted to learn and be closer to god , and her husband won’t let her. She said she would keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying. And we were like well okay, maybe we will see you someday who knows.

On Tuesday we talked to this nice lady and then we left and her son came running after us with capri suns and we talked to some other cool people and we had a really delicious dinner which was the beet salad.  And we slept at the mission home! Then we went to the temple super early on Wednesday and that was refreshing and so pleasant. The temple is such a cool place of so much peace.

And then the day just got better cause we went to the taco truck that we always went to when I was in Portland. And it was as good as ever. Then we finally got back to hood river and we were so unusually tired like cause we had woken up earlier than usual and I don’t even know but we were so tired. But we knocked some doors and talked to people and literally the tiredness went away. It was like a miracle.

Thursday was my comp’s birthday and we did some service for a member. We helped her paint her basement and they have such a cute house. And they were so nice and then at night we visited the Bs and T told us he is going back to Mexico like next week. Really classic. We teach people and then they go back to Mexico. But we got to talk about prophets and how God always has prophets to guide his people…except in the great apostasty. But anyway, general conference is so soon and we get to listen to the prophet’s council for the world!!

A really cool lesson we had this week was with A. We have been teaching him for a while and he is so nice and ready to learn. We invited him to pray and ask God about if there is only one true church and every week we follow up and ask if he feels like he got an answer but he is kind of sad and says no. So this week we taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, endure to the end. And he asked us how we felt the Holy Ghost and I like explaining it cause it makes me feel good and remember/ reminisce on good experiences I’ve had. And then we asked him and he explained like how he feels and we asked when we felt those feelings. He said well I feel it when we talk about God like when you guys come and teach me. And I was like ahhhh that’s the answer. Well I didn’t scream hahaha but I was excited.

Last night we had a few minutes so I felt like we could stop at a member’s home and share a lil spiritual message. They gave us cookies and homemade bread! Score! I am pretty sure the spirit always guides me to food hahhahaha

Anyway, it was a fun week. Thanks for all you do to make the world better. I love you all and especially HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVAN!!!!! Have a cool week!!


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