Nature is Good

We just went to multlohmah falls as a zone. Super touristy and super beautiful. I love nature. Sometimes I just get chills when I look around and it’s all green and fresh. It’s like the spirit or something, feeling the spirit is so pleasant. So often in life things are confusing and it’s hard to know what to believe and what truly is good. Thank goodness we have those simple feelings of the spirit to guide us and show what is true. So I guess the conclusion is nature is good and true hahhaha idk. But I like it.

Hermana McKinlay noticed that I try to dress patriotic whenever possible. It’s true. On 9/11 we had interviews with president and those were delightful like always. He always has such kind things to say and what not. He encouraged me to keep staying happy and like try to never get discouraged. I pretty much had come to that conclusion recently and so it was nice to get a confirmation and I guess like his approval/advice. Then at night there was a lil relief society party at Nancy’s which was actually at our apartment so we helped out with that and even did a ukelele musical number. Campfires are good. And the sky is so clear you can just see stars on stars. I really am so blessed to be right here right now.

Something cool that happened is we went to this house cause it said they had been taught by missionaries before and so there was just like 2 men outside petting horses and stuff so we talked to them and they were nice and one had a really solid understanding of churchy stuff and then their friend came who actually lived there and we had met him a few weeks ago at a different house holding a mango.  Anyway, it was sweet and they said they perform in rodeos so maybe they were like famous rodeoers. Who knows though.

Anyway, things are good. My comp is great. The church is true. I like seeing all the people going to school in the school bus and not having to go to school right now. Have a cool week!



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