Life is amazing and exciting

On Tuesday we decided we finally had the courage to see this lady and hoped that her son wasn’t there. Cause last time he invited us to a rodeo and it just wasn’t good. So anyways, we went in the afternoon and he wasn’t there and she was like “where have you been?”.  Anyway, we taught about the restoration and at one point I shared a scripture that like talked about the life of Jesus Christ and when I asked her what it was about, she was like it means I should get baptized. So I was just like yeah! Exactly! Hahhaha that was a good answer too. She’s sweet and gives us exotic foods.

And then at night we met L, a Christian lady who is related to  two other ladies we are teaching. And she was sooo nice and genuine and happy about life and church.

Another funny/good lesson was we had a member come out with us to visit a lady who doesn’t really come to church.  Well, we were walking to the door and somehow we didn’t see the HUUUGE dog until we were way close and it was frightening but it was a nice dog, just really big and wanted attention. So we screamed a little and then the owner came out and said we could talk to his mom. And the son was actually way nice to us too. Anyway, after the lesson, the lady was like “are all of your lessons that interesting?”  And we were like “yeah pretty much”, like literally nothing goes like we plan it, but that’s fun.

Saturday night we got to help people butcher their cow.  Well, actually they killed it the day before but when we stopped by they were like slicing it up outside with that thing I’ve seen workers at the grocery store cut meat with. And they had some cool friends over so we talked a lil, and helped a lil, and it kind of grossed me out a lil. But hey, now they have a year’s worth of meat in their freezers. Carne asada to the max.

And yesterday we stopped at someone’s house and they were cool.  I got the recipe for this thing I ate in the Mexico MTC but I didn’t know what the name was.

Today we hiked in Washington and it was absolutely way too pretty to be real life. Like so much green and at the top was a view of the Colombia River. And we ate blueberries which someone had given to us. It was a great moment. But then again like every moment is great.  Every moment has a possibility to be great and adventurous and fun. And if sometimes it isn’t, we can change our attitude or something. I have learned probably way too much in the time I have been on my mission. It’s actually a really good thing though. Cause I have tons to learn about. I’m also going to try and be more quiet and talk less and be more observant of other people and things. Anyway, life is amazing and exciting. The more time you are outside the better.  I love you,!!

HCS9-8-14 4


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