Gooood morning!!! Important things first:  On exchanges Hermana Villalobos started teaching me how to play the ukelele and Hermana McKinlay has one too that she is teaching me how to play. Transfers are this week and me and Hermana McKinlay are both staying here 🙂

They aren't in a drought here so everything is so green.

They aren’t in a drought here so everything is so green.

Sorry I think it’s impossible for me to do good emails two weeks in a row. This week was nice though. I went on exchanges to Vancouver and got to see some old friends (old as in a year ago I was there) which was really pleasant. We taught R about the Temple and we are trying to help her feel prepared so she can go with the youth in September.  We taught A about the spirit world cause last time he asked where we go when we die. And I always like talking about the spirit world and just like we are missionaries here, there are missionaries in the spirit world teaching the people that never got to hear about the gospel. God’s plan really is perfect. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see the eternal perspective but it makes all the challenges worth it.

I taught this lady last year when I was in Vancouver and on exchanges we got to visit her and she remembered me. HCS9-1-14 6

Ohhhhhh okay Saturday was so good, we were trying to visit a few different people but no one was home so we were like what the heck let’s pray. And then after we prayed and waited and tried to assess how we felt, we decided to try this guy  who had grown up in the church but now is less active and actually the way we found him was neat cause we tried the address it says in the directory and just when we got there someone pulled up and we were like does N live here? And they said no and just told us how to get to his house but the directions were like loose I guess you could say cause we didn’t know the area that well but we found it! He was busy that day, anywaaay, so we decided to try him on Saturday and he opened the door and we got to know him as we talked a little on his porch and then his wife came home and we went inside and shared a scripture and they were like we haven’t seen missionaries in 3 years and they said we can totally visit them more! And also the wife is sisters with this other lady we teach sometimes, and her kids are actually the ones who wouldn’t let us leave that one time that I sent the video of.

And yea I’ll end on that cause it was awesome. I love you! Have a chill week!




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