Be curious

Last night when we were driving home i just kept thinking about how honored I feel that God has allowed me to meet too many incredible people. Every day amazing things happen and just when I think we have met all the cool people here, we meet more!!

R’s wife is reading the Book of Mormon and wants us to come teach her about it. We talked to someone we are teaching’s son and gave him a Book of Mormon Anyway, I guess his wife saw it in the car and started reading it. We went over last night and chilled with her and got to know her and she was super genuine and kind and it was nice, she also let me sit in the loungy chair.HCS8-25-14 6

Then a different day we were just driving down the street and trying to find people to teach and there was a lady mowing her lawn and she has an autistic daughter. But we finished mowing her lawn for her and taught her about how after we die and are resurrected we will all have perfect bodies and no one will have like learning disabilities or anything! She was happy that we came and so were we. At first we were like hesitant to visit but then we just embraced the awkwardness. I have found that to be successful. Even when you are uncomfortable, just pretend you are good and know what’s up.

Last week we were so eXcited because so many people came to church and some of them were the B’s and their brother who isn’t a member. So we visited them and taught a lil lesson to them with a member . I am also impressed by Hermano B’s faith and testimony that he knows prayers healed his son. Last time we came he was sick but the father has been praying a ton and the son is getting better.

Okay another lesson was with a guy who lives in white salmon. We have been visiting him for a few weeks and he is too kind and always willing to listen. This week he told us that he told someone he had been meeting with us and she told him he shouldn’t. He was really confused and was like they are really nice to me. And we explained that really the truth will always have opposition like elder korbridge talked about. He really understood it and he is sincerely praying for an answer about what is true and what isn’t. He’s cool though. And from a really cool sounding city in Mexico.

Would you please send me a picture of like Mexico. Like where the cities are please. Like a map. Hahaha everyone says where they live and I usually just nod and I’m like ohhhhhh cool!

Yesterday at church Hermana V compared our lives to avocados. I like avocados so I thought it was interesting.

And last night at like 8:30 we stopped by someone that just got baptized in the Dalles then moved to California and now lives in parkdale. Anyways, we visited him and his father in law. His father in law told us he wants to get baptized! And C– the recent convert–is just awesome. He has such a light and enthusiasm for life. And it was after that lesson that I reflected and thought about really how God has entrusted me to teach some really precious souls. Well, everyone is precious to God. But I just feel blessed to teach the people of Oregon the simple gospel truths that can allow people to reach their full potential.

Also my most recent motto is to be curious. That’s been my motto for a while but now I just finally realized it is my motto. Hahaha

I love this work. I know it’s true. I know god loves us all a lot and he literally is always ready to help. Thanks for helping me in my life. I love you all.


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