chillin’ with the mariachi

Like 8 of our Spanish friends came to church!!!!!!!! Also we had zone conference and so many things about this week were good.

HCS8-18-14 5Yesterday we were walking and we heard some mariachi music so we followed it and it turned out to be a Catholic party which we went to. A lot of people were staring at us but it was worth it. It was a really interesting cultural experience and it was fun. I have decided I want mariachi to play at all my parties from now on.

On Saturday we went to visit an investigator  and her son was there with his friends and they invited us to go to a rodeo and we were like probably not and then we told them they should come to church. They didn’t come to church. Now I am kind of freaked out to go visit her. But she was really nice and she wants to be baptized. Hmmm

We had zone conference in Portland and it was stellar. We learned a lot of good things like how we can improve ourselves as missionaries and applying the doctrine of Christ to our own lives and trying to reach our full potential. Something that president really emphasized was that success is not what you achieve, but what you become. Also someone else shared that if you have a doubt about something, basically doubt + obedience= a witness. Like you can’t really know if something is true or not if you don’t give it a try.

In personal study every morning I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and also random conference talks from a long time ago when I definitely was more asleep than watching. And they are all way neat and educational. Like I feel like there is sooo much to learn and experience and life is so short! Everything we do   can help someone else. If everyone just listened to the Spirit’s promptings beautiful things would happen.

Also something else that is always on my mind these days is just how beautiful the earth is!! God made it so perfectly and useful! Every day when we run in the mornings I look at Mount Hood and all the orchards and I feel so blessed.  I love serving in Hood River. I love the people I get to meet and I love when our plans don’t work out like we planned, but something cooler happens. God is good. The church is true. I love these 1.5 years of my life!  Hope everyone’s week is nice!!!!!

peaches and nerf glasses

peaches and nerf glasses


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