HCS8-11-14 4

Once again every day this week was pretty fabulous!

On Monday we hiked and long boarded by the river and watched the windsurfers and kite boarders, and then at night we were going to go visit some people but on the way we saw people painting a fence so we decided to just help them. They were nice and had a lot of questions about missionaries.  Mostly about like doesn’t your mom miss you and isn’t she worried about you? Which caused me to reflect and I don’t think you are that worried about me haha.  Anyways, it was this mom and her son who are opening a bakery called wake-n-bake which I thought was very interesting cause weed is still not legal in Oregon. Now when we drive past we can say we helped paint the fence.

We really have been teaching a lot of lessons but I feel like nothing too extraordinary happened. Right now my motto is that everything will work out but then like at the same time I am like where are people that actually want to learn about why we are teaching and want to understand about how much God loves them and is willing to help and answer questions. I’m having a hard time because it’s like I know these things are true, I have prayed about them and felt the spirit, but so many people are just content with what they are doing. I feel like we are explaining things super clear but I guess there needs to be more of an understanding of what people think about and what is important to other people. I am really trying to figure that out because it makes me sad to hear people say estoy bein, tengo una

But other than that I am happy and well. My companion is the coolest and we are running every morning and having neat experiences!  I love being a missionary. I love the spirit and I love my family.

We walked into mcdonalds to use the wifi and said hi to this lady and then she like really opened up to us and told us her husband died and we were like woah and we talked to her and have an appointment to meet her tomorrow.

Oh Probably the funniest part of the week that I can remember is when we sent a text to these numbers on our phone to remind people about church and the text was in Spanish. And then like a few days later one of them texted us back and was like “ito donito speakito yourito languagito. Swagito.”   So I think we texted the wrong person.





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