every day is pretty fun…

I still love hood river. It’s amazing to be in such a beautiful place with so many people to speak to in Spanish! We just keep finding more and more cool people to talk to. Sometime I see people and I’m like ehhh it would be way easier and less awkward and more convenient not to talk them, but then we know we should and so we do and it usually turns out to be a really positive experience.


On Wednesday and Thursday they did like mini mission things so this girl from the Dalles hung out with us. I felt bad cause she didn’t speak Spanish but sometimes we would translate for her. But at the same time I would forget to feel bad sometimes cause now that I know Spanish I feel like everyone knows Spanish or at least can understand it, which is very untrue. But I like translating and sometimes changing what people say hahaha


We had a cool lesson on Friday night in Odell with a lady that neither I nor Hermana McKinlay had ever met and she was way nice and her house was cold which was lovely. Anyways, she was talking about how she loved just helping people and just talking to people and loving them, and I was like woah this reminds me a heck of a lot of mosiah 18 so I had her read that and we talked about baptism. That she can keep doing what she loves and now she can just get more blessing for it by entering into a covenant with God. Of course she has already been baptized as a baby, but the spirit totally guided us and I think she was able to see how it is different. At the end we asked her to pray and she did. It was like a whisper prayer and she clearly asked for direction about if she should get baptized. We committed her to keep praying and promise god will show you if this is good or not. So that was a pretty sweet moment.


Everyday is pretty fun. On Saturday we had some people to meet and basically everyone that we planned for, we got to see! The timing worked out way too well. It was like we had the spirit guiding us or something. Hah. On Tuesday we had tried to find a man named N in white salmon so we went to his address and someone had just pulled into the driveway, we talked to him a little and he explained where N lived now, so today we tried to see him and his daughters are the girls in the video that were like holding onto the car and wouldn’t let go, apparently his sister in law takes care of them. Like always they wanted stickers. But N was cool and said we could come back another time.


I am trying to change things I don’t like into things I do like. ie: -people being super noncommittal and not wanting to schedule a time to come back, and so now I am starting to look at it more positively like we can literally just stop by whenever we are in the area and check up on em – killing spiders in our apartment, I still don’t enjoy it but I realize it’s pretty necessary – that’s about it so far


HCS8-4-14 6This morning we hiked beacon rock. The northwest is beautiful!! Also me and my companion jokingly decided that the spirit has been guiding us to all this fruit hahhaha like all these people we talk to just give us fruit and we love it. Anyways, life is fabulous. I love you!



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