Be curious

Last night when we were driving home i just kept thinking about how honored I feel that God has allowed me to meet too many incredible people. Every day amazing things happen and just when I think we have met all the cool people here, we meet more!!

R’s wife is reading the Book of Mormon and wants us to come teach her about it. We talked to someone we are teaching’s son and gave him a Book of Mormon Anyway, I guess his wife saw it in the car and started reading it. We went over last night and chilled with her and got to know her and she was super genuine and kind and it was nice, she also let me sit in the loungy chair.HCS8-25-14 6

Then a different day we were just driving down the street and trying to find people to teach and there was a lady mowing her lawn and she has an autistic daughter. But we finished mowing her lawn for her and taught her about how after we die and are resurrected we will all have perfect bodies and no one will have like learning disabilities or anything! She was happy that we came and so were we. At first we were like hesitant to visit but then we just embraced the awkwardness. I have found that to be successful. Even when you are uncomfortable, just pretend you are good and know what’s up.

Last week we were so eXcited because so many people came to church and some of them were the B’s and their brother who isn’t a member. So we visited them and taught a lil lesson to them with a member . I am also impressed by Hermano B’s faith and testimony that he knows prayers healed his son. Last time we came he was sick but the father has been praying a ton and the son is getting better.

Okay another lesson was with a guy who lives in white salmon. We have been visiting him for a few weeks and he is too kind and always willing to listen. This week he told us that he told someone he had been meeting with us and she told him he shouldn’t. He was really confused and was like they are really nice to me. And we explained that really the truth will always have opposition like elder korbridge talked about. He really understood it and he is sincerely praying for an answer about what is true and what isn’t. He’s cool though. And from a really cool sounding city in Mexico.

Would you please send me a picture of like Mexico. Like where the cities are please. Like a map. Hahaha everyone says where they live and I usually just nod and I’m like ohhhhhh cool!

Yesterday at church Hermana V compared our lives to avocados. I like avocados so I thought it was interesting.

And last night at like 8:30 we stopped by someone that just got baptized in the Dalles then moved to California and now lives in parkdale. Anyways, we visited him and his father in law. His father in law told us he wants to get baptized! And C– the recent convert–is just awesome. He has such a light and enthusiasm for life. And it was after that lesson that I reflected and thought about really how God has entrusted me to teach some really precious souls. Well, everyone is precious to God. But I just feel blessed to teach the people of Oregon the simple gospel truths that can allow people to reach their full potential.

Also my most recent motto is to be curious. That’s been my motto for a while but now I just finally realized it is my motto. Hahaha

I love this work. I know it’s true. I know god loves us all a lot and he literally is always ready to help. Thanks for helping me in my life. I love you all.


chillin’ with the mariachi

Like 8 of our Spanish friends came to church!!!!!!!! Also we had zone conference and so many things about this week were good.

HCS8-18-14 5Yesterday we were walking and we heard some mariachi music so we followed it and it turned out to be a Catholic party which we went to. A lot of people were staring at us but it was worth it. It was a really interesting cultural experience and it was fun. I have decided I want mariachi to play at all my parties from now on.

On Saturday we went to visit an investigator  and her son was there with his friends and they invited us to go to a rodeo and we were like probably not and then we told them they should come to church. They didn’t come to church. Now I am kind of freaked out to go visit her. But she was really nice and she wants to be baptized. Hmmm

We had zone conference in Portland and it was stellar. We learned a lot of good things like how we can improve ourselves as missionaries and applying the doctrine of Christ to our own lives and trying to reach our full potential. Something that president really emphasized was that success is not what you achieve, but what you become. Also someone else shared that if you have a doubt about something, basically doubt + obedience= a witness. Like you can’t really know if something is true or not if you don’t give it a try.

In personal study every morning I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and also random conference talks from a long time ago when I definitely was more asleep than watching. And they are all way neat and educational. Like I feel like there is sooo much to learn and experience and life is so short! Everything we do   can help someone else. If everyone just listened to the Spirit’s promptings beautiful things would happen.

Also something else that is always on my mind these days is just how beautiful the earth is!! God made it so perfectly and useful! Every day when we run in the mornings I look at Mount Hood and all the orchards and I feel so blessed.  I love serving in Hood River. I love the people I get to meet and I love when our plans don’t work out like we planned, but something cooler happens. God is good. The church is true. I love these 1.5 years of my life!  Hope everyone’s week is nice!!!!!

peaches and nerf glasses

peaches and nerf glasses


HCS8-11-14 4

Once again every day this week was pretty fabulous!

On Monday we hiked and long boarded by the river and watched the windsurfers and kite boarders, and then at night we were going to go visit some people but on the way we saw people painting a fence so we decided to just help them. They were nice and had a lot of questions about missionaries.  Mostly about like doesn’t your mom miss you and isn’t she worried about you? Which caused me to reflect and I don’t think you are that worried about me haha.  Anyways, it was this mom and her son who are opening a bakery called wake-n-bake which I thought was very interesting cause weed is still not legal in Oregon. Now when we drive past we can say we helped paint the fence.

We really have been teaching a lot of lessons but I feel like nothing too extraordinary happened. Right now my motto is that everything will work out but then like at the same time I am like where are people that actually want to learn about why we are teaching and want to understand about how much God loves them and is willing to help and answer questions. I’m having a hard time because it’s like I know these things are true, I have prayed about them and felt the spirit, but so many people are just content with what they are doing. I feel like we are explaining things super clear but I guess there needs to be more of an understanding of what people think about and what is important to other people. I am really trying to figure that out because it makes me sad to hear people say estoy bein, tengo una

But other than that I am happy and well. My companion is the coolest and we are running every morning and having neat experiences!  I love being a missionary. I love the spirit and I love my family.

We walked into mcdonalds to use the wifi and said hi to this lady and then she like really opened up to us and told us her husband died and we were like woah and we talked to her and have an appointment to meet her tomorrow.

Oh Probably the funniest part of the week that I can remember is when we sent a text to these numbers on our phone to remind people about church and the text was in Spanish. And then like a few days later one of them texted us back and was like “ito donito speakito yourito languagito. Swagito.”   So I think we texted the wrong person.




every day is pretty fun…

I still love hood river. It’s amazing to be in such a beautiful place with so many people to speak to in Spanish! We just keep finding more and more cool people to talk to. Sometime I see people and I’m like ehhh it would be way easier and less awkward and more convenient not to talk them, but then we know we should and so we do and it usually turns out to be a really positive experience.


On Wednesday and Thursday they did like mini mission things so this girl from the Dalles hung out with us. I felt bad cause she didn’t speak Spanish but sometimes we would translate for her. But at the same time I would forget to feel bad sometimes cause now that I know Spanish I feel like everyone knows Spanish or at least can understand it, which is very untrue. But I like translating and sometimes changing what people say hahaha


We had a cool lesson on Friday night in Odell with a lady that neither I nor Hermana McKinlay had ever met and she was way nice and her house was cold which was lovely. Anyways, she was talking about how she loved just helping people and just talking to people and loving them, and I was like woah this reminds me a heck of a lot of mosiah 18 so I had her read that and we talked about baptism. That she can keep doing what she loves and now she can just get more blessing for it by entering into a covenant with God. Of course she has already been baptized as a baby, but the spirit totally guided us and I think she was able to see how it is different. At the end we asked her to pray and she did. It was like a whisper prayer and she clearly asked for direction about if she should get baptized. We committed her to keep praying and promise god will show you if this is good or not. So that was a pretty sweet moment.


Everyday is pretty fun. On Saturday we had some people to meet and basically everyone that we planned for, we got to see! The timing worked out way too well. It was like we had the spirit guiding us or something. Hah. On Tuesday we had tried to find a man named N in white salmon so we went to his address and someone had just pulled into the driveway, we talked to him a little and he explained where N lived now, so today we tried to see him and his daughters are the girls in the video that were like holding onto the car and wouldn’t let go, apparently his sister in law takes care of them. Like always they wanted stickers. But N was cool and said we could come back another time.


I am trying to change things I don’t like into things I do like. ie: -people being super noncommittal and not wanting to schedule a time to come back, and so now I am starting to look at it more positively like we can literally just stop by whenever we are in the area and check up on em – killing spiders in our apartment, I still don’t enjoy it but I realize it’s pretty necessary – that’s about it so far


HCS8-4-14 6This morning we hiked beacon rock. The northwest is beautiful!! Also me and my companion jokingly decided that the spirit has been guiding us to all this fruit hahhaha like all these people we talk to just give us fruit and we love it. Anyways, life is fabulous. I love you!


a crazy good week

HCS7-28-14 17

This week was crazy good. Ya I sent the pictures of the baptism. We got to go down and see that which was a really good experience and It made me so happy!!HCS7-28-14 32HCS7-28-14 29

I love serving in Hood River with Hermana McKinlay. On Monday and Tuesday Hermana Peterson wanted to say bye to some people so we did a lot of that and then Wednesday was transfers which was good and I have been loving it. We have been teaching lessons with a bunch of people and I just feel like we have been in the right place at the right time and it has felt good. I feel like at the beginning of my mission I was pretty quiet about telling people about the truths of the gospel but now I am way more open and ready to tell people what’s up.

HCS7-28-14 14


Also something I really have been focusing on is the spirit. Because it is impossible for people to want to change their lives based only off what we say and so we have been committing a ton of people to just pray about it and sincerely ask God. I know that God answers prayers, he answers specific ones. He wants us to be happy and help others and I love being able to do that.

HCS7-28-14 26

Sorry this week and last week emails were really short and undetailed. Everything is so good though and I will really do a detailed one next week. I love you all and I am really grateful for your letters and everything!!


Thank you Evan and Caleb for your letters!! I love you both and I am so blessed to be in the same family as you.