Staying in Hood River


they made me wear sunglasses…haha

they made me wear sunglasses…haha

Transfer letters came on Friday.  I’m staying here in hood river and Hermana McKinley is coming!!!!! I am quite stoked. She is awesome. She was in the Mexico MTC with me and we lived in the same apartment in Vancouver when we first came out. I have been running every morning!! Even when I wake up and I don’t want to hahhaa but seriously it is so worth it cause I have more energy later in the day and just I am happier.

Hermana Peterson braided my hair...

Hermana Peterson braided my hair…

If you see these things on sale or something you can buy them and give them to me when I come home hahhaha:  Roller skates/ roller blades

And now I am trying to remember what we did this week to write about. Last night we met a cool man that told us about a dream he had had the night before where like he saw Jesus. So that was good and he was really willing to talk to us.

I have been able to learn more about the members here and they all have neat lives. Like it is very amazing to me because the more I talk to them the more I am just like wow you are so neat. I love being a missionary! This week will be divine. I love you all way too much.

 when i was in Gresham.

when i was in Gresham.




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