the latest from Hood River…

(Hannah was unable to email on Monday.  I received this on Tuesday but was out of town without my computer by then…here’s the latest from Hermana Scow)

Sorrrrry it was mission p day and we moved into our new house!!! So we are emailing today!

Sorry again last weeks email was just terrible. I will make up for it right now!!!

Monday: played some soccer outside and that was fun. I am quite out of shape but it was still enjoyable. And then at night we had a lesson set up with a lady so we drove over but then saw someone that needed help so we helped her and she was like hey you guys are nice, want to see my baby horses? And I was like yeaah! They were pretty cute.  HCS7-1-14 1


And then we talked to some other people, knocked some doors, and we needed to talk to 1 more person to like reach our goal. So there was a lady sitting in front of her apartment with her daughters, and we were just like hey how’s it going and she told us that she was pretty sad cause her husband was in jail and she is taking care of her 5 daughters and she doesn’t work!! We taught her and watched some crazy kids do cool tricks on the cement. Then at the end we said a prayer with them all and there was this little white kid whose parents kept yelling at him before, like I could just tell that the family situation wasn’t the best. Anyways, we said a prayer in Spanish but he obviously understood none of it. But he was so quiet the whole time and folded his arms and closed his eyes and at the end he was like I like that, it felt good. Will you say another one? And for some reason he wanted it in Spanish. But it was just really cute. Before the prayer he was soo crazy and like fighting with his brothers and I didn’t think he would be able to be quiet in the prayer, but he was. We gave the lady a Book of Mormon and a chapter to read and she said we can totally come back. It was a nice night.

Tuesday: we had some cool lessons but probably my favorite was with a lady who has 3 kids, 1 of which is autistic. We taught her outside cause she said her one son just likes not wearing clothes in the house, and like halfway thru the lesson she points at the window and he was definitely not wearing clothes and like standing with his back facing the window. Anyway, she was soo cool and ready to learn. We used the talk called the prophet Joseph smith by elder korbridge to explain some things that people are confused about. We basically took turns reading these bullet points and explaining them……….. And she was loving it!  She was so happily suprised to hear that babies do not need to be baptized and just so many things, we read in Moroni 8 with her and she was literaly like woaaah.

Wednesday: we had dinner with a member at 6, well like that was the plan so we got there but then they asked if we could come a little bit later so we knocked some doors and met a nice lady. She said her sister had married a Mormon a few years ago but they didn’t really talk religion. We asked if she had any questions about what we believe and she did! It was really neat to hear her questions and be able to clarify what we actually believe and what is just crazy rumors. One question I liked was when we were about to pray and we folded our arms she was like now why do you all do that? Like there was some big symbolism or something and Hermana peterson was like well I think it’s kind of so the kids keep their hands to themselves during the prayer and stay reverent. Anyway, she was nice and said we could come back.

Thursday: we had exchanges and Hermana clanton came here 🙂 she was my companion in Gresham and so it was fun to be together. HCS7-1-14 29I looooove teaching with her. We commited someone to be baptized! We talked about the atonement and baptism and, like so many people, she said that she had already been baptized when she was a baby and usually i feel uncomfortable to try to tell people that is not how Jesus was baptized and it wasn’t done by the proper authority but I really felt the spirit guide my words as I said with so much love that we really wanted her to live with God again and that her baptism as a baby was probably way cool but it is not the same. God loves us so much and he has given us the only way to get back to him. It’s by having faith in Jesus Christ, repenting, being baptized by someone that holds the authority of God and then enduring to the end. So I just really felt so happy that I was so bold and then she gave us cherries. It was awesome.

Thats a lot of detail. And on Saturday we got to go to Gresham to see M get baptized!! Because I taught her when I was there. But the member that could take usHCS7-1-14 41 was going up in the afternoon to help her brother move so we went with her and helped him move! And that was fun and the baptism was good. I got asked to give a surprise testimony. Basically they just asked me to come up and give my testimony.  She is so cute and she was so happy!! And I really like that we are able to use Facebook so I can keep talking to her!

Last night we had mission pday at a park in battleground and I played some soccer and tennis and ultimate frisbee and 2 seconds of softball but I was terrible. Anyways, it was cool that everyone was in one place just playing and enjoying life. And then last night we moved into the new apartment barn thing! It’s so cute and there are chickens and a garden and sister Lunt is awesome. So I am sorry we didn’t email yesterday. We finished everything so late and yeah. But it’s soo nice here lately. It is getting hot hot hot. Happy almost Fourth of July!!!! I love you a lot.

Hermanas Clanton and Scow, and a friend preparing to leave for her mission in Argentina.

Hermanas Clanton and Scow, and a friend preparing to leave for her mission in Argentina.




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