the prettiest place ever


HCS6-16-14 23

Hood river is the prettiest place ever. There really are so many orchards. Like more than I expected!! And some of the members own orchards, like one of them owns the fruit company hahhaha grandpa sent me fruit from there.

Well right now we live on this hill in a little house. I will take pictures of it this week. So when we run I just run up this hill and walk down and then do sit-ups, it’s not ideal at all. Oh well.  I saw Kayla’s fb post that her dad was stake pres and I was like woaaah that’s cool.

HCS6-16-14 22Yesterday church was soooo weird. Cause it was in English and only like 3 people came that speak Spanish.. It’s hard to get people to church at this time cause everyone literally works 7 days a week in the orchards. Like basically everyone we teach either picks fruit, washes it, or packages it hahaha and I am just like yess I am so grateful for you all because I love fruit. There’s no trader joes here though. There’s a tiny walmart, Safeway and some random grocery story called like rossiers. Also the casita we live in just has a dorm size fridge and a microwave, toaster, and yea that’s pretty much it. So everyday for lunch I ate a salad with strawberries and pears hahaha and a piece of bread. I’m having withdrawals from the apartment and the gweneth Paltrow cookbook that Hermana Porter had. Today at walmart I even looked at rice cookers hahaha but there’s no way I will be able to like carry one around. HCS6-16-14 16

As far as people that we are teaching: there is a guy who got baptized in March who is doing way good and gave us mole twice this week. And R who was baptized last month who is so sweet. And I don’t really know any of the other investigators too well yet. Or like which ones we are focusing on. We have found some new people to teach but Hermana Peterson says usually we meet people at their house and set up a time to come back and then like they aren’t home so we just teach one of their family members, and I have noticed that is pretty true. Everyone is pretty nice though.

I do still miss all my friends in Portland and Gresham. I am soo glad we have fb so I can chat them and tell them I still love them! People here are cool too, it’s just different. Today we had zone pday and I miss the Spanish zone.

This week we have taught a bunch of people simply that god is our Heavenly Father and he loves us and he wants what is best for us, but sometimes it is not what we expect. I really am grateful for these 18 months I get to spend talking with others about all the things I know are true and have blessed my life. Having more of God’s word is awesome. I love the Book of Mormon. And I know it’s true.

Happy Father’s Day again and happy birthday to my dad!!!! I love you!!

HCS6-16-14 14



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    • I had no idea who Aifuru was and reread her blog to see who she mentioned by name (I usually just use initials for people she mentions). then saw the email address that went with the name 🙂

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