I’m going to Hood River!

HCS6-9-14 8I’m getting transfered to hood river!! I leave Wednesday morning, and I’ll be comps with Hermana Peterson again.

I have to go pack. I’ll probably send a long one later. I just wanted to say hi and that I love you!


I’m going to hood river!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be way good. Hermana Porter served there and she likes talking about it. Apparently there

are just a lot of fruit orchards and people give you fruit a lot which I am pretty excited about. It has been sad to say bye to my friends

here who are in the branch and who we are teaching, but at the same time I have been here for a looooong time and I’m ready for some

change. The other sad thing is I probably just have to leave my basil plant.


We’ve been teaching M and she’s totally gunna be ready to get baptized on the 28th! She still really likes the virgin Guadalupe and

always finds a way to bring her up during gospel principles and we just like smile at her and nod and hope the teacher just does the

same. She is changing a lot though and just is so much happier now. We are so excited for her and when she was talking about getting

confirmed and the Holy Ghost she was like can they also say this name and another name. And we are like well it’s just for you! She wants

her other family members to feel the same joy that she is and we told her that is what the temple is for!! She took a picture with us and we

both just look like giants compared to her.



We talked to a guy trying to unicycle and Hermana porter convinced me to try. The guy doesn’t look that impressed or interetsted hahha

HCS6-9-14 70HCS6-9-14 72HCS6-9-14 73









We had some lessons with R! He has so so sooooo many just super profound questions that are somewhat difficult to answer cause we

don’t want to confuse him too much. But he just loves learning. Last lesson we wanted to talk about the plan of salvation and just be

normal and start with our life before earth but then he asked a question about the resurrection so it just got crazy and we hope he is

not super lost now. He always gives us a bottle of water and then I was like thanks I love water! And when we were leaving he gave me 3

more hahaha. Anyways, he is still really cool and smart


We taught some other people too. Also Randal Ridd who is in the young men general presidency came on Saturday and spoke to us. That was neat

and inspiring! He focused on  our doing everything with real intent.


Hermanas Porter and Scow

Hermanas Porter and Scow

I have loved serving here with sister porter. I am also done with the Book of Mormon. 2 more chapters. Right now my favorite thing about the

Book of Mormon is just when it mentions the geography and stuff of the Americas. Like the history is just so interesting and how the book ends

up in New York. Those people covered a lot of area and had a ton of wars. But I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true. I know

that god loves us and he is our father in heaven. I am so blessed to have an amazing father on earth who is such a good example of our

father in heaven. I love you!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!





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