it’s getting sunnier and sunnier

We taught R (the guy they met in the parking lot several weeks ago) and it was the coolest lesson ever. He is so interested in learning and has a ton of awesome questions. He understands how cool and helpful it is to have the Book of Mormon to tell the history of people that lived in the Americas before, during, and after the life of Christ and their spiritual experiences. He came to church too.

M is preparing to be baptized on June 14th. She calls us her angelitas and it’s amazing to see how much she is changing. When we first went over she was always super sad and depressed about life and now she is happy and hopeful. She kind of still feels bad because she was mad at God that her son died. But now she realizes this is how she can live with him again. And she like called another relative and they were like yeaah you are the only one in the family who isn’t baptized!! Hahha and she is like woah I am the lost sheep. Anyways. She’s found and super happy.

Yesterday one of the ladies came to church that hadn’t come in a really long time and like we had tried to visit her but it just seemed like she reaaally didn’t like us. But I saw her at church and talked to her. She said she had been super depressed and had been praying for God to help her and really vague things like that and she felt like nothing was happening, like God didn’t love her. But then she came to a relief society kind of like talk and it was about being depressed. Anyway, she started praying specifically asking God to help her remove the sad feelings and stuff from her. And it was incredible!! She was so happy and cheerful and she apologized for like if she had offended us. But woah specific prayers do work!! I know God is listening to everyone’s prayers and loves us all so much.

Hmm it’s getting sunnier and sunnier. And transfers are so soooon. I am realizing I have way more clothes than what is recommended, oops. We will see what happens when I try to pack it all.

E had a birthday on Sunday so she invited us over and it was sweet. They come to church every week and we are teaching them. M still needs to just figure out if she is going to get divorced and stuff like that.

I don’t really know what to say about J. She is reading the Book of Mormon and likes it, but she is getting doubty that this is the only church with God’s authority. On Saturday we taught about the priesthood and just like how unique and important that is. And she watched Joseph smith: prophet of the restoration, and I don’t really know. She graduates high school this week so she is probably pretty busy and stressed. Woah now that just put things into perspective cause you said Pen just had baccalaureate. Anyway, we will figure stuff out. It will all work out in the end.

I’m still reading the Book of Mormon and it’s still awesome. It seriously is sooo much about Jesus Christ and It’s awesome.  I am so blessed to be on a mission here in Oregon. I hope everyone has a beautiful week. Much love. Hannah





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