happy memorial day!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!! I am so happy cause we get to go to OMSI today. Hahha Yeaaaa it’s a science musuem in Portland it’s basically like California science center.  All the elders went, a member like is a member there and we got to go for free.

Also shout out to Erin & Anna who leave for Japan sooo soon.

This week I went on exchanges to Vancouver and I got to be with Hermana Villalobos. She’s great. We have a good time. It was nice to visit my old friends who are still awesome and then I came back the next day and got really stressed again. We are teaching so many people it’s overwhelming. And M wants to get baptized!!  Aa is reading so much in the Book of Mormon and everything else is pretty incredible. I love Hermana porter. She is so obedient and hardworking and healthy and it just helps me be better too.

We did some service for M and E, like they just moved so we helped them paint their fence and do some gardening but all of the men like do that for a living so I felt pretty inadequate. Oh well. Now their grandma likes us and we started teaching her. So many people that we talk to have had loved ones die and how neat it is to know that we can live with them again. Forever!!

I finally bought batteries for my camera so I really am going to take pictures this week. I love you all and I love being here in Oregon, speaking Spanish and talking about cool stuff like the Book of Mormon. It’s true. Right now I’m in like alma 58 and I need to finish by the end of transfer. Ahhh.

Have a nice week. Someone in Oregon loves you. Named Hermana scow. Yea




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