zone conf and kale chips

HCS5-12-14 3Wow that was the best package ever!!!!! I love all of it!! I am so blessed. The like stretchy skirt is so comfortable and the shirts and my sandals and the super cute bracelet. Wow. You really outdid yourself. I should have sent you a package! But yea like I said yesterday you are incredible and I am so blessed to be your daughter.

Also it was so neat to see some people I love the most on skype yesterday!  Everyone looked good like always. (Hannah is allowed to Skype or call home on Christmas and Mother’s Day)

Well everything is nice here. Last Monday night we knocked some doors and everyone that we talked to let us in and said we could come back! And we had a sweet fhe with some recent converts where we talked about the Holy Ghost and like the different ways we receive revelation.

Then on Tuesday we had zone conference up in long view and what a pretty drive that was. A girl that served in the philipenes durning the typhoon came and spoke to us about her experience and I was like woah I didn’t know it was that crazy. And I felt way blessed that here I am in Oregon and nothing like that has happened here. But we also learned how to plan better and stuff like that. And then at night we taught M and E .  she wants to get baptized she just has some logistics to figure out.

HCS5-12-14 1

On Wednesday we taught solid lessons and brought members with us and on Thursday we contacted a referal we got and wow she was cool. The English elders had taught her the first lesson but she didn’t really seem to get it all so they passed her to us and we taught the first lesson again and she told us about like a daydream she had after she talked to the elders and she said she felt like Joseph smith did restore the church of Jesus Christ and she wants to get baptized. And we taught another investigator about the authority of god that is unique to this church because it was restored thru Joseph smith. All the people we teach are just so cool and I love that we get to teach them!

I’m trying to think of funny things that happened. Hmm I can’t remember sorry. But yea I just love it here, and I hope everyone is doing awesome wherever they are. Life is exciting. The church is true. Families are forever. Xoxo, Hermana scow


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