Feliz cinco de mayo!!

HCS5-5-14 6Yayyyy vamos a jugar deportes!!!!!! Hasta luego!! (this email came earlier in the day.  I confess i had to use google translate to know what she wrote…and then later in the afternoon i received the email below…)

Yea sports was really fun.  🙂 life is good

Soo yea I have a new companion!! Wednesday was transfers and it was bittersweet. I was sad that Hermana clanton left but then we played signs while we waited for everyone to like come back. That was funny.

But before that we taught some cool lessons on Monday and Tuesday. M is still awesome. She wants to get baptized but she has to figure out some marriage stuff and they have been coming to church and liking it.

We’ve been teaching the siblings and their mom but their dad still works till like 9:15 and so he always gets there right when we are leaving. He is probably timing it like that on purpose though. Sad. But we WILL teach him this week.

We are running every morning and Just on our way to vegetarianism sans dinner cause that’s just impossible. But the members are awesome and I love that we get to eat with them every night. Like this branch is so good and it’s soo gunna be a ward soon. We have been visiting some less actives and one week we visited a lady and then that next Sunday she came to church!

Also speaking of church. Hermana porter lost her toothbrush so we went to rite aid and then just talked to this man in the parking lot and gave him a folleto/pamphlet and we invited him to church. Like we invite a lot of people to church and everyone says yeeee I’ll come but this guy really came to church! We were busy sitting with other investigators and then Hermano Cruz was like “Hermanas, this man came and he says you invited him” and we were like woah that’s cool. He said he liked it and is gunna bring his whole family next week!

Um today is cinco de mayo and I put my hair in buns and we played soccer and just tore it up. Oh also happy birthday Caleb!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Tristan’s fb post/picture. You are awesome, and your party sounds killa.

It’s gunna be a good week! On Thursday it was 90 degrees!! But now it’s raining again. I love Oregon. Everything is getting green again! I have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and it’s awesome. It’s so true. I love it here. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!

HCS5-5-14 8



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