happy memorial day!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!! I am so happy cause we get to go to OMSI today. Hahha Yeaaaa it’s a science musuem in Portland it’s basically like California science center.  All the elders went, a member like is a member there and we got to go for free.

Also shout out to Erin & Anna who leave for Japan sooo soon.

This week I went on exchanges to Vancouver and I got to be with Hermana Villalobos. She’s great. We have a good time. It was nice to visit my old friends who are still awesome and then I came back the next day and got really stressed again. We are teaching so many people it’s overwhelming. And M wants to get baptized!!  Aa is reading so much in the Book of Mormon and everything else is pretty incredible. I love Hermana porter. She is so obedient and hardworking and healthy and it just helps me be better too.

We did some service for M and E, like they just moved so we helped them paint their fence and do some gardening but all of the men like do that for a living so I felt pretty inadequate. Oh well. Now their grandma likes us and we started teaching her. So many people that we talk to have had loved ones die and how neat it is to know that we can live with them again. Forever!!

I finally bought batteries for my camera so I really am going to take pictures this week. I love you all and I love being here in Oregon, speaking Spanish and talking about cool stuff like the Book of Mormon. It’s true. Right now I’m in like alma 58 and I need to finish by the end of transfer. Ahhh.

Have a nice week. Someone in Oregon loves you. Named Hermana scow. Yea




I love being a missionary!

Last week I bought a basil plant at trader joes and I’ve really been liking that. I kept wanting to like buy some seeds and plant a flower or something but this was much easier cause it’s already grown and it’s so useful.

So, that one man we talked to in a parking lot came to church twice and we finally taught him this week. Oh he is the coolest. Hermana porter says everyone is cool,  but really he is the best. We brought some members with us and they had some nice small talk about sinkholes in Mexico and I got a little lost during that part of the conversation but after that we talked about the Book of Mormon and if he had any questions and he said he has been wondering what his purpose in life was, so we explained some of the plan of salvation and we are going to teach him again this week. The coolest things he says was like so before we had talked to him in the parking lot he was talking to his friend and they were stressed about stuff at work, but we came up and talked to them, invited them to church and walked away and he said that after that the problem like was fine. Like just talking to us helped him feel more at peace. And then in the lesson he was like you guys are just so calm and have such a good feeling. The member explained it was the spirit. But it was neat that he could feel it and it was just a great time.

Then we are teaching one of the member’s sisters whose husband died like 6 months ago, she comes to church every week and we have taught her almost everything but she still wants to wait to get baptized. This week we taught her the word of wisdom though. I really like the word of wisdom. Like it’s such a blessing to know what god knows is good for our bodies and spirits and what is bad. Having a living prophet is nice.

On Wednesday we went to just teach J a really short lesson, which we did, but then her dad came home so we stayed like waaay longer cause we are trying to help him understand what it is that we actually believe. J wants to be baptized, and I think her dad knows this church is good for his family, he just doesn’t know what to do cause he has a family member who is a pastor. but wow during the lesson she bore a real strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and she is really awesome at defending what she believes in a nice way.

Also we are teaching another lady  I actually don’t even know her last name so. But her son died of cancer recently and that has been tough for her. She loves telling us stories about the virgin Guadalupe. But really she comes to church every week super glammed up and in relief society she shares personal experiences and includes a ton of indirect shout-outs to us. Hahahaa it’s awesome. She loves us. But anyways she also wants to get baptized but said she wants a lil more time. She told us about a cool dream she had, she said she was gunna stop like “studying”  with us but then she had a dream. i forget what happened in it but it was good and she realized that she wanted us to keep teaching her about the church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth!

L is going to Mexico for a month and will get baptized when she comes back. We showed her  where all the chapels are by her house in Mexico and I think we will tell the missionaries there to visit her. How cool is it that the church is the same in the whole world.

M and E are coming to church and E signed up for girls camp. They are doing fabulous and she invited us to her talent show where she will be performing stupid Cupid. She showed us a preview and the whole time her little sister was saying “She is saying a bad word, Stupid is a bad word”.

On Saturday we were leaving a lesson and someone that we had knocked into a different day was checking their mail so I was like hey what’s up? And he asked if there was anyone that went to Gresham High at our church so I named some of the youth and he totally knew them and he was excited that they went to our church! And he said he even like had been to our church one time for some activity or something. But he is Egyptian and believes that god, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are literally one being. And that’s why nothing really happened when we knocked their door, cause his mom got really defensive about  god and Jesus being the same person. But anyway, we explained Joseph smith’s vision and that he saw two personages and we talked about the apostasy and we had a Book of Mormon in Arabic so we gave that to him.  He was a really brilliant kid and said he will read the chapter we marked and ask his Mormon friends at school if he has questions.

I really just love how whenever we talk to people we always have answers because the spirit is helping us. The church is so true and I love being a missionary. The Book of Mormon is awesome and full of so much insight about Jesus Christ and how to be happy right now and forever. I love being here with Hermana porter. Thanks for everything. I love you all a lot.

Alrighty we are gunna go!! I love you!!!!  Adios

zone conf and kale chips

HCS5-12-14 3Wow that was the best package ever!!!!! I love all of it!! I am so blessed. The like stretchy skirt is so comfortable and the shirts and my sandals and the super cute bracelet. Wow. You really outdid yourself. I should have sent you a package! But yea like I said yesterday you are incredible and I am so blessed to be your daughter.

Also it was so neat to see some people I love the most on skype yesterday!  Everyone looked good like always. (Hannah is allowed to Skype or call home on Christmas and Mother’s Day)

Well everything is nice here. Last Monday night we knocked some doors and everyone that we talked to let us in and said we could come back! And we had a sweet fhe with some recent converts where we talked about the Holy Ghost and like the different ways we receive revelation.

Then on Tuesday we had zone conference up in long view and what a pretty drive that was. A girl that served in the philipenes durning the typhoon came and spoke to us about her experience and I was like woah I didn’t know it was that crazy. And I felt way blessed that here I am in Oregon and nothing like that has happened here. But we also learned how to plan better and stuff like that. And then at night we taught M and E .  she wants to get baptized she just has some logistics to figure out.

HCS5-12-14 1

On Wednesday we taught solid lessons and brought members with us and on Thursday we contacted a referal we got and wow she was cool. The English elders had taught her the first lesson but she didn’t really seem to get it all so they passed her to us and we taught the first lesson again and she told us about like a daydream she had after she talked to the elders and she said she felt like Joseph smith did restore the church of Jesus Christ and she wants to get baptized. And we taught another investigator about the authority of god that is unique to this church because it was restored thru Joseph smith. All the people we teach are just so cool and I love that we get to teach them!

I’m trying to think of funny things that happened. Hmm I can’t remember sorry. But yea I just love it here, and I hope everyone is doing awesome wherever they are. Life is exciting. The church is true. Families are forever. Xoxo, Hermana scow

Feliz cinco de mayo!!

HCS5-5-14 6Yayyyy vamos a jugar deportes!!!!!! Hasta luego!! (this email came earlier in the day.  I confess i had to use google translate to know what she wrote…and then later in the afternoon i received the email below…)

Yea sports was really fun.  🙂 life is good

Soo yea I have a new companion!! Wednesday was transfers and it was bittersweet. I was sad that Hermana clanton left but then we played signs while we waited for everyone to like come back. That was funny.

But before that we taught some cool lessons on Monday and Tuesday. M is still awesome. She wants to get baptized but she has to figure out some marriage stuff and they have been coming to church and liking it.

We’ve been teaching the siblings and their mom but their dad still works till like 9:15 and so he always gets there right when we are leaving. He is probably timing it like that on purpose though. Sad. But we WILL teach him this week.

We are running every morning and Just on our way to vegetarianism sans dinner cause that’s just impossible. But the members are awesome and I love that we get to eat with them every night. Like this branch is so good and it’s soo gunna be a ward soon. We have been visiting some less actives and one week we visited a lady and then that next Sunday she came to church!

Also speaking of church. Hermana porter lost her toothbrush so we went to rite aid and then just talked to this man in the parking lot and gave him a folleto/pamphlet and we invited him to church. Like we invite a lot of people to church and everyone says yeeee I’ll come but this guy really came to church! We were busy sitting with other investigators and then Hermano Cruz was like “Hermanas, this man came and he says you invited him” and we were like woah that’s cool. He said he liked it and is gunna bring his whole family next week!

Um today is cinco de mayo and I put my hair in buns and we played soccer and just tore it up. Oh also happy birthday Caleb!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Tristan’s fb post/picture. You are awesome, and your party sounds killa.

It’s gunna be a good week! On Thursday it was 90 degrees!! But now it’s raining again. I love Oregon. Everything is getting green again! I have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and it’s awesome. It’s so true. I love it here. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!

HCS5-5-14 8