Surprise…i’m staying here!

HCS4-28-14 6Surprise I’m staying here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Hermana porter is coming. And the girls didn’t get baptized but it’s okay, they will eventually. Their dad is just confused and now we are going to focus more on him to help him understand that this is the church for them, the church of Jesus Christ.  They want to respect their dad.

Hermana clanton is going to Vancouver, the other options are hood river and Longview and Hermana porter is from Arizona, and she is awesome.

Well okay so I basically I was gonna get transferred, we had interviews on Wednesday and Hermana clanton went first and she was like crying when she came out and I was like uhh okay anyways, president asked how I was and I’m like good and he was like well I have to show you something and then he opened the board with all the missionaries and areas and he was like here is your area, it was just a big red x. And that was really freaky cause we are teaching so many amazing women and he was like you will have to give them to the elders. So we were pretty sad on the way home, then we went to lunch and president Taylor called and said something changed with the English sisters so I get to stay here and Hermana porter is coming!!!!!!! And so I will be here in Portland/Gresham for at least 6 more weeks!! Which I am thrilled about. This area is literally the best and so is this branch.HCS4-28-14 13

So I know I said the girls were gunna get baptized on Sunday but lamentablemente that didn’t work out. Their dad had never like officially said yes. They passed their interviews on Thursday and we taught them on Friday and then after we left they texted us and said there dad wasn’t gunna let them. He said they had to go to this other church for 2 months.  😦 they asked if their mom could call us on Saturday and we were like ya we can just come over. He was there too and expressed his concerns about the Book of Mormon and like told us what he wants in a church and everything he said is what the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is!! We gave him a specific chapter to read in the Book of Mormon that’s about Jesus and testified about how much this will bless and strengthen his family. It was sad cause I just want him to see how true this is, but that’s something that we can’t do. He needs to pray and ask god to know the truth. This week we are gunna focus on teaching him because his daughters are brilliant and already understand everything

Also we taught another mom and her daughter (same ones written about before) with Hermana D and her daughters. Member present lessons are awesome but at the same time really distracting cause the member likes to just pooooour out the information and it’s like woaah we have not explained that yet.haha but I am grateful for the members and their help and love.

On Saturday night the Boy Scouts had a fundraiser carne asada dinner but a while ago we knocked into these members in a different ward and they wanted us to come to dinner on Saturday so we did and then we went to the carne asada activity but i couldn’t eat anything so we just took it home and ate it for breakfast on Sunday.

On Friday morning we got to go to the templeeeee cause we get to go 4 times a year or something and so that was beautiful and peaceful and yea it was good. And then the member took us to McDonald’s and a sister from the branch works there.HCS4-28-14 29

Also L is cool like always, we showed her there’s sooo many churches in Mexico cause she might move there.  She knows what is up and stands up for her beliefs.

So all these people we are teaching are incredible. And all you people are incredible. I love being a missionary and just learning everyday and it’s a good experience. The Book of Mormon Is true. You should read it everyday and you will feel happy and how much god loves you. Cause he does. I know that god loves you and has a plan for you and now just relax and do good things. I love you!!!!!HCS4-28-14 11



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