thanks for the birthday love!

HCS3:31:14 7Thank you so so much for all the birthday love. The package was sooo nice and I love it all.  Thanks grandpa for the pears, apples and cheese. And grandmary and grandad thanks for the skirt. I ate so much cake this week it was crazy.  Like so many church members invited us over to celebrate our birthdays cause mine was the 26th and Hermana clanton was the 27th.  It was weird to turn 20 but now I feel good about it.

Yesterday J came to church again and her brother and sister. I always talk about people coming to church cause that is the most recent thing that happened (like yesterday) and it’s kind of not easy to get people to come to church, but they all really liked it. J said she has been praying and totally feels like this is good for her. She said it’s easier to feel an answer when it is quiet and she’s at home alone. Which is super true and we are so excited that she is putting in the effort because she is getting answers. Yesterday for 3rd hour at church they did  a thing for something called pathways for like byu Idaho and she was really interested and the like only requirement was be a member for the church so at the end she was like how do I become a member of this church? Best moment ever. She is still planning on getting baptized on April 27th and she just has to get permission from her parents.

The classiest lunch we had this week was pears and cheese thanks to grandpas fruit package.  And the peanut butter cupcakes were pretty smushed but still so tasty.  M had us over for breakfast on my birthday and another family made us cake that night. And then on Friday a different member had a lil surprise thing with cake. I really never want to leave this area. And J made us cookies!! Like everyone is so nice, except the lady that slammed the door on us and it was literally the loudest slam of my life. But it’s okay. Cause we knocked into a ton of other awesome people.

And we got the great news that we can go to the visitors center at the temple whenever a member drives and we have investigators coming!! How awesome that will be.

Speaking of awesome.. General Conference this weekend, holler. How blessed we are to have a prophet that leads and guides the world. April 5th and 6th, it will be incredible.

We just went bowling with the elders and I actually wasn’t that bad.

Anyways, I love being a missionary. It’s hard but it’s so good. I am grateful for having friends and being able to be here so I can make friends here too.  Sometimes I get super overwhelmed like how am I going to be able to be nice to everyone and be friends with everyone, and have time to show everyone in the branch I love them, and then I think about Jesus, he is everyone in the whole worlds friend, and more than that he suffered for all them too. Wow.  I love trying to be like Jesus.  I am thankful for him and for his love for everyone.

Enjoy your week. It will be way good.



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