thanks for the birthday love!

Sister Hannah Scow

HCS3:31:14 7 Thank you so so much for all the birthday love. The package was sooo nice and I love it all.  Thanks grandpa for the pears, apples and cheese. And grandmary and grandad thanks for the skirt. I ate so much cake this week it was crazy.  Like so many church members invited us over to celebrate our birthdays cause mine was the 26th and Hermana clanton was the 27th.  It was weird to turn 20 but now I feel good about it.

Yesterday J came to church again and her brother and sister. I always talk about people coming to church cause that is the most recent thing that happened (like yesterday) and it’s kind of not easy to get people to come to church, but they all really liked it. J said she has been praying and totally feels like this is good for her. She said it’s easier…

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