Surprise…i’m staying here!

HCS4-28-14 6Surprise I’m staying here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Hermana porter is coming. And the girls didn’t get baptized but it’s okay, they will eventually. Their dad is just confused and now we are going to focus more on him to help him understand that this is the church for them, the church of Jesus Christ.  They want to respect their dad.

Hermana clanton is going to Vancouver, the other options are hood river and Longview and Hermana porter is from Arizona, and she is awesome.

Well okay so I basically I was gonna get transferred, we had interviews on Wednesday and Hermana clanton went first and she was like crying when she came out and I was like uhh okay anyways, president asked how I was and I’m like good and he was like well I have to show you something and then he opened the board with all the missionaries and areas and he was like here is your area, it was just a big red x. And that was really freaky cause we are teaching so many amazing women and he was like you will have to give them to the elders. So we were pretty sad on the way home, then we went to lunch and president Taylor called and said something changed with the English sisters so I get to stay here and Hermana porter is coming!!!!!!! And so I will be here in Portland/Gresham for at least 6 more weeks!! Which I am thrilled about. This area is literally the best and so is this branch.HCS4-28-14 13

So I know I said the girls were gunna get baptized on Sunday but lamentablemente that didn’t work out. Their dad had never like officially said yes. They passed their interviews on Thursday and we taught them on Friday and then after we left they texted us and said there dad wasn’t gunna let them. He said they had to go to this other church for 2 months.  😦 they asked if their mom could call us on Saturday and we were like ya we can just come over. He was there too and expressed his concerns about the Book of Mormon and like told us what he wants in a church and everything he said is what the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is!! We gave him a specific chapter to read in the Book of Mormon that’s about Jesus and testified about how much this will bless and strengthen his family. It was sad cause I just want him to see how true this is, but that’s something that we can’t do. He needs to pray and ask god to know the truth. This week we are gunna focus on teaching him because his daughters are brilliant and already understand everything

Also we taught another mom and her daughter (same ones written about before) with Hermana D and her daughters. Member present lessons are awesome but at the same time really distracting cause the member likes to just pooooour out the information and it’s like woaah we have not explained that yet.haha but I am grateful for the members and their help and love.

On Saturday night the Boy Scouts had a fundraiser carne asada dinner but a while ago we knocked into these members in a different ward and they wanted us to come to dinner on Saturday so we did and then we went to the carne asada activity but i couldn’t eat anything so we just took it home and ate it for breakfast on Sunday.

On Friday morning we got to go to the templeeeee cause we get to go 4 times a year or something and so that was beautiful and peaceful and yea it was good. And then the member took us to McDonald’s and a sister from the branch works there.HCS4-28-14 29

Also L is cool like always, we showed her there’s sooo many churches in Mexico cause she might move there.  She knows what is up and stands up for her beliefs.

So all these people we are teaching are incredible. And all you people are incredible. I love being a missionary and just learning everyday and it’s a good experience. The Book of Mormon Is true. You should read it everyday and you will feel happy and how much god loves you. Cause he does. I know that god loves you and has a plan for you and now just relax and do good things. I love you!!!!!HCS4-28-14 11



yay…we are gonna play sports

I got the letter from you and the picture from Caleb! And really liked them both.

This week we taught some solid lessons and it was a really nice week.

Awesome people:

the G sisters: literaly coolest girls ever. They have been praying for their dad to let them get baptized and so have we! On Sunday he came to church for the 3rd hour to talk with the branch president and right when we walked in, a member was like woaah hey! They know each other from work and so we all talked to pres g and the dad basically said he would support them if they decide to get baptized! And that will be next week on April 27th!  I am not good at describing how awesome they are but like if you could only meet them. You would also be in awe.

Mom and daughter: they came to church yesterday for the first time!!!!!! the daughter doesn’t believe in god and her mom is amazing. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it and feels like it’s right. She is just having an inner battle cause she has never heard of the Book of Mormon before but that’s okay cause now she has and she likes it. We had a lesson on Friday and brought an awesome member and it was so perfect.  The mom was sad/worried cause her parents are super strong in another church  and not happy about her leaving that church. But the Hermana who came to the lesson with us had a similar experience with her parents and bore really strong testimony about just her experience and like when we just keep going and be the example for our family it will all work out. We also watched part of president eyrings talk from general conference. In conclusion it was good and they came to church yesterday!!! And then we had to do like a ton of things so I just like asked a member if they could sit with her. And it turns out they were friends!!!!! They have known each other for so long and it just all went super well. They liked church and said they will come back next week!

G: knocked into her and she is related to one of the members. She reallly liked Joseph smiths first vision and said she would pray about it. We stopped by on Easter and sang to her and she liked that.

C: Referral from english missionaries. We taught her the restoration and she really liked it/ didn’t have crazy questions. She was like yea it all sounds true and commited to pray about it. She is looking for a church, but her husband isn’t so hot about going to church. She asked us to pray for him and we are going back on Wednesday.  She is soooo spiritual and ready to be baptized.

And here’s some random highlights:

-we went to cold stone cause we are just embracing how fat we are and then someone paid for us!
-on Saturday we volunteered at this huuuge Easter egg hunt
-we got Thai food after which was delicious
-we helped a member do a lil family history and get her mom’s name ready to take to the temple
-we had lunch at one of the elders’ investigators house with all the elders, he is Cuban
-transfer letters come on Friday and i am in denial but I pretty much know I am leaving. Like if I don’t get transferred it will be a super happy surprise!
-we played vb for pday and I was the first Hermana to be picked haha
-okay also we were knocking doors at like 9 at night in a not so great area but all these kids were playing outside so they came up and talked with us and then I was like wanna come knock some doors and then I said just kidding really fast cause like what kid would ever want to go knock doors, but they said yes hahhaha and before we knew it they had picked a door and the lady let us in and we went in with all the kids hahhaha and she said she had been taught by missionaries im the past and that her house was our house
– happy Easter.  Jesus is awesome and if you haven’t watched the lil movie called “because of him”   , you should!   I know that Jesus lives and that we all will too. We came to earth and got bodies to have trials and be tested and when we die we will be resurrected just like he was and it will be perfect and amazing and glorious and we can live with our families together. I know that’s true and I know that god loves you.
– HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ <3h

Another week in portland…

HCS4-14-14 3We have been teaching the siblings for a few weeks and they want to be baptized on April 27th. They have been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. They prayed about it and felt the spiritual confirmation that it is true. They are like my role models.  However, their dad hasn’t read or prayed and he doesn’t want them to join the church.  I love this family. Pray for them!!

In language study this week we have been just like straight translating and it is fun. Translating is one of my new favorite hobbies.   On Thursday we were fasting as a zone until dinner and we were so hungry and then people offered us cheesecake at like 3:00 so we just accepted it hahhaa well like when they have it on the plate and everything is ready it’s hard to say no. But then we fasted on Sunday so everything worked out.

On Saturday we had a stake breakfast with all the missionaries, lunch at an investigators and dinner with members. So much food. And people gave us some home made tortillas

Another good time this week was when we went to an apartment complex to knock some doors and there were kids playing outside so we asked if they knew where people spoke Spanish. All the doors they told us didn’t speak Spanish, but then they just kept choosing doors for us to knock. It was really interesting.

We got to go to the temple on Saturday!!!!!! With some members and investigators and it was the coolest. It is so pretty and just feels so good. Everyone that came seemed to enjoy it also.HCS4-14-14 4

And on Tuesday I went on exchanges back to Vancouver, it was way weird to be back. I felt super out of it though and I just love Portland. But it was fun to see some members and teach with hna Ramos who goes home at the end of this transfer. Speaking of going home, 9 more months ahhhhh

It’s been sunny and my testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith as a prophet of god is being strengthened. I love that there is a prophet on earth today and he knows how we can be happy and successful and he tells us!! I am grateful for all the things I learned in general conference and have a lot of work to do to improve.

One thing that we talked about a lot at zone meeting this week was being a disciple of Christ which basically means to just love everyone. Which is hard sometimes when people don’t listen and think they have enough in their life. But really the church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. I know that’s true. I know that god loves me and you and I know that Jesus Christ atoned for us so we can change and be better disciples of Christ. I love you and am way too grateful for you. Read the Book of Mormon. It’s powerful.




9 months. holler.

Wull ya, so general conference was waaay good. All the talks were just so perfect and inspired. We really live in such a unique time and it’s way difficult but awesome. We have so many choices to make but a lot of them really are important cause this is our time to prove our self so that we can live with god forever and have eternal life, and not everyone realizes that. We only have a short amount of time to live and to gain knowledge and have experiences. I really like what president uchdorf said about being grateful not only after the trials have passed, but also in our circumstances. Like even when things seem terrible, we can still be grateful and have the hope/faith that eventually things will improve.  Anyways if you didn’t watch it I would recommend it. Like it was just inspirational on a ton of good levels.

This week I ate a ton of peanut butter, jelly, and Apple slice sandwiches and every time I wore my saltwater sandals it rained. But it was a really good week!!

We are trying to work more with the members and help them see that missionary work is not that hard or scary and you don’t have to always extend a huge thing like taking the discussions from the missionaries. But just by inviting your friends to come and see what we do and where we do it is a really simple but powerful way to help your friends. I feel like a lot of people don’t really know what we believe in or even what we do at church. So anyways the mission president told us that we should do more church tours and we did one this week!! With an investigator and her daughter  who doesn’t believe in god. It way awesome! The coolest recent convert  came and like it was just really powerful and spiritual. They liked the building and lot. The daughter still doesn’t want t come to church but she asked if she could hang out with us for a day hahhaha. But it really helped the mom feel more comfortable and it was fun to look at the pictures of Jesus and explain them. Moral of the story: Church tours are great

Speaking of working with the members, we knocked into some members’  like niece or something! We always ask them if they have any referrals but they say their family isn’t interested.   we totally knocked into them on accident, we taught them, they said they were related to this family that comes to church! We love that family! and they said we can come back on wednesday! Hahaha

The three siblings we are teaching are doing incredibly. They watched conference at a members house and we are gunna visit them tonight to see what they liked and answer any of their questions. They are amazing and I love visiting them!  J wants to be baptized and she understands everything so well and she is so good at applying the scriptures to her own life. We taught their parents and they are a little more cautious but also super nice and willing to learn. The mom works on Sundays so she can’t come to church but we hope she will be able to come soon.  I just love that family though!!  And all of the people we are teaching are just so great.

This is the church of Jesus Christ and I love it. I love knowing that I can live with my family forever and that thru the atonement of Jesus Christ I can learn and grow and improve everyday. I love my family and my friends. I am grateful to know all of you. I am so grateful for all the blessings I have and all the experiences. Everything happens for a reason.

I have to go… I love you!!!!!!


thanks for the birthday love!

Sister Hannah Scow

HCS3:31:14 7 Thank you so so much for all the birthday love. The package was sooo nice and I love it all.  Thanks grandpa for the pears, apples and cheese. And grandmary and grandad thanks for the skirt. I ate so much cake this week it was crazy.  Like so many church members invited us over to celebrate our birthdays cause mine was the 26th and Hermana clanton was the 27th.  It was weird to turn 20 but now I feel good about it.

Yesterday J came to church again and her brother and sister. I always talk about people coming to church cause that is the most recent thing that happened (like yesterday) and it’s kind of not easy to get people to come to church, but they all really liked it. J said she has been praying and totally feels like this is good for her. She said it’s easier…

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thanks for the birthday love!

HCS3:31:14 7Thank you so so much for all the birthday love. The package was sooo nice and I love it all.  Thanks grandpa for the pears, apples and cheese. And grandmary and grandad thanks for the skirt. I ate so much cake this week it was crazy.  Like so many church members invited us over to celebrate our birthdays cause mine was the 26th and Hermana clanton was the 27th.  It was weird to turn 20 but now I feel good about it.

Yesterday J came to church again and her brother and sister. I always talk about people coming to church cause that is the most recent thing that happened (like yesterday) and it’s kind of not easy to get people to come to church, but they all really liked it. J said she has been praying and totally feels like this is good for her. She said it’s easier to feel an answer when it is quiet and she’s at home alone. Which is super true and we are so excited that she is putting in the effort because she is getting answers. Yesterday for 3rd hour at church they did  a thing for something called pathways for like byu Idaho and she was really interested and the like only requirement was be a member for the church so at the end she was like how do I become a member of this church? Best moment ever. She is still planning on getting baptized on April 27th and she just has to get permission from her parents.

The classiest lunch we had this week was pears and cheese thanks to grandpas fruit package.  And the peanut butter cupcakes were pretty smushed but still so tasty.  M had us over for breakfast on my birthday and another family made us cake that night. And then on Friday a different member had a lil surprise thing with cake. I really never want to leave this area. And J made us cookies!! Like everyone is so nice, except the lady that slammed the door on us and it was literally the loudest slam of my life. But it’s okay. Cause we knocked into a ton of other awesome people.

And we got the great news that we can go to the visitors center at the temple whenever a member drives and we have investigators coming!! How awesome that will be.

Speaking of awesome.. General Conference this weekend, holler. How blessed we are to have a prophet that leads and guides the world. April 5th and 6th, it will be incredible.

We just went bowling with the elders and I actually wasn’t that bad.

Anyways, I love being a missionary. It’s hard but it’s so good. I am grateful for having friends and being able to be here so I can make friends here too.  Sometimes I get super overwhelmed like how am I going to be able to be nice to everyone and be friends with everyone, and have time to show everyone in the branch I love them, and then I think about Jesus, he is everyone in the whole worlds friend, and more than that he suffered for all them too. Wow.  I love trying to be like Jesus.  I am thankful for him and for his love for everyone.

Enjoy your week. It will be way good.