it is soooo sunny…

3:24:14 28It is sooo sunny and it was sunny this week so I made us walk as much as possible haha.

This week was way good also. Like every week has been really good and there are so many people we are finding that want to learn and they are all awesome.

I don’t really feel like writing a paragraph haha so here’s so random things that happened this week:

-Someone was playing shakira really loud at one of the apartment complexes we knocked so that was fun.

-Hermana clanton got sick and every time she coughed I rolled down the window but then I got sick too and rolled down the window every time I coughed, so it was fair

-knocking on doors at 9:00 pm and talking to a man that was in Egypt a day ago

-someone fed us cactus

-the bricenos got sealed in the temple on Saturday!!! And we went to their party for a little bit. It’s soo exciting though. They are such a cool family and now they will be together forever

3:24:14 13-horchata is pretty delicious

-cat selfies with ruby

-Hermana Chavez fed us lunch and gave us toothbrushes

-president g had all the missionaries in the branch over for breakfast on Saturday 3:24:14 3

– J came to church and said everyone was super nice

J is awesome!! She has been reading soo much in the Book of Mormon and has tons of questions. We added her on fb and then I was like woah we have a mutual friend. And it was a girl in the branch! So we totally brought the member to the next lesson. It was just so interesting to me to think about that the member had no idea this girl would be interested in the church. Like there are so many people everywhere that are ready to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And then we brought a different member the next time who she knew also and she was such a good member present cause she totally related to her. J’s parents are a little concerned that we read another book in addition to the bible but they support her trying to figure this out for herself. She is such a bright girl. She’s like 17 I’m pretty sure. I can never remember anyone’s age. But it’s way cool to see how excited she is about the Book of Mormon and eager to learn.

And then we met some other cool people that said we could come back and teach them more. Like it’s just so awesome. I love when people just take 5 minutes to listen to what we have to say before shutting the door. This message can benefit everyone!

I really love serving here. I am so blessed to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love everything I am learning. This life on earth is so short in comparison to the eternities and it is soo important that we are happy everyday and we help others be happy too. Thanks for helping me be happy.  I love you!!

our district at Rico Taco

our district at Rico Taco

Also, Like Book of Mormon 365 on fb. It’s way cool!

a poolside email

a poolside email


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