I am trying to think of the best thing, but it was all so good!

I am trying to think of the best thing that happened this week but it was all sooo good. We talked to a ton of people and taught lessons and people came to church!!

Last week on Sunday we lost our phone but then a member found it and gave it to the elders so we got it back on Tuesday and had like sooo many missed calls/messages. But at the same time it was way nice to not be able to be contacted haha . Anyways that was a highlight.

Also okay we played sports with this whole family and it was so fun. B came. They are all related. And they are all awesome. Church gyms are so nice I wish I had used it more. But it was a good activity/family night + the misioneras. Pre sports we had a lesson with R and it’s incredible to see how much he has changed. The gospel is truly such a game changer. And he came to church again and liked it.  Now we are just teaching him the lessons again super slow hahah and in the prayer he thanked us for coming. The whole situation of their family is so confusing and like The gospel would help them so much and I think they are seeing that more and the difference it’s making for M. She is aweeeesome and is going to get her patriarchical blessing soon.

We have been taking out the ward missionary with us to our lessons, and I just love when members come to lessons. And everything they say is always so inspired. Like one of our investigators was worried cause he didn’t have nice clothes to wear to church and the member didn’t know that this was a concern and she was just like it’s okay to wear whatever you want. We won’t judge you. We will just be happy to see you there. Ask the missionaries if you can go out with them. As a missionary I feel bad sometimes asking members to come out because I know everyone has busy lives but there are so many promised blessings for doing missionary work. Also I have been reading the book by like Clayton Christensen about the power of everyday missionaries and it’s super cool and inspiring. If we share the gospel with the people we love and even the people we don’t even know, we can bring so much happiness into their lives and then at the same time we get blessings. God is sooo good and loves us so much. He wants us to succeed and just wants us to ask him for help and direction and he is so happy to help.

On Friday we had to get the car serviced which was way confusing and took forever but we got to eat chipotle outside cause it was sunny!! And then umbrella by Rihanna was just stuck in my head and I kept thinking of that time Evan did it on Just Dance. Umbrella with the umbrella. And then we were doing like planning stuff in the church and I may or may have not been singing cause I thought we were the only ones there but then we walked out of the room and the elders where there hahaha. Also when we walked we practiced singing a child’s prayer, like, the different parts. But I could not do it. I just kept messing up. I still am terrible at singing but the good thing is that Hermana clanton is really good.

They have been telling us for ages to talk to at least 10 people a day, which sounds easy but it’s kind of hard and then it gets scary at night when we are just like knocking doors in random areas. But we actually talked to at least 10 people for 5 days this week!! And it felt so good. But then on Saturday and Sunday we put it off again and it was just freaky so we taught some lessons. Hahaha, but anyway we were just super productive this week. I give credit to our haircuts. Just kidding. Credit still goes to God 🙂

I think I’m going to be 20 in 16 days. Ahhhhhh

Also thanks so much to the Austrians for writing me such rad letters! That was reallly nice. I wish I could have met them. But they said good stuff about you all. If I was an exchange student I’d want to live with you guys.

I love serving in this area!! I am seriously so blessed ohhh and on Saturday there was a branch party and it was so funny. The people here are so crazy in such a great way. I love them so much. I want to be in this branch forever…please. And all the people we are teaching are so cool. Like this is such a dream. I love being a missionary.



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