we are too blessed

We have been teaching a bunch of lessons to recent coverts and they are all so great. One girl is 18 and she was baptized in December. She has a baby and we have been teaching her boyfriend but he can’t get baptized yet cause he is waiting for things to work out at court for something he did a year ago. Anyways, she is suuuuch and awesome girl. She is nice and has such a testimony, we have been teaching her younger brother and he wants to get baptized but he kept not coming to church, so we went to his house before church yesterday hahaha we texted him before to make sure he was up and he said he wasn’t gunna come cause he had too much homework and he didn’t feel like he was right for the church. So we definitely still went over and talked to him a little bit. Cause this gospel is for everyone! God wants everyone to live with him again in heaven. We read some things from President Uchtdorf’s talk “come join with us” and he decided to come to church!! They have been trying to get him to come for like 4 months and he finally came yesterday and he really liked it.  Also the brother’s cousin is a member and she was crying hahah cause he was there. Like the whole family was soo happy and shocked he came. Their whole family is so confusing, maybe I’ll explain it sometime with a picture hahhaha but I love them all.  Also R came and he said he is going to come every week.  I am so happy they had a good experience at church and everyone in the branch was so welcoming and kind to them. The branch is soooo good…I really want to stay here forever. 

We went out to dinner with a member at Rico Taco and this less active member recognized my voice, she lives in Hood River and I visited her when I was on exchanges for a day. But that was cray and I was happy to hear the Hermanas are still visiting her.

image5Another night we had menudo pasoli which is like cow intestines or something.  I basically just ate the pasoli. Then we went and got frozen yogurt after to reward ourselves.

Also M and E are soooo good, like the most golden people you will ever meet. They were baptized in January. E bore his testimony yesterday at church. Like what the what, he is also going to seminary.  Like they are just incredible and love learning.  I am so blessed to be able to visit them and try to answer their questions.






Zone conference was Wednesday and we got iPads. Oh my goodness they are so beautiful. And they make things sooo much more convenient. I forgot how awesome technology is.  We have been showing people Mormon messages and reading conference talks, and the ensign and like woah just so many awesome resources in one iPad.  Hermana Clanton has taken a sufficient number of photo booth selfies.  And then I remembered how many I took on the iMac. Haha. But really they are incredible.

Before zone conf we had to wash our car so we went through the creepiest car wash ever at like 8:40 and we did it wrong so a worker came in to help us but then it closed when he was inside and he started cussing a lot but everything was fine he didn’t get smashed or anything.

Also I got a haircut and Beyoncé was playing at the salon. State side missions are great. We are just emailing in clubhouse of the apartment and the radio is playing hahahaha and there’s a fire place and hot chocolate. We are too blessed 🙂



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