i love the members here…they are so amazing.

yesterday C was baptized!! and the whole branch came again. we decided we are gunna do it in a bigger building next time cause so many people keep coming. but it was so sweet. he was happy and next week he will be confirmed and get the holy ghost. whats the coolest is that his wife was just baptized like 4 months ago and in a year they can get sealed in the temple for forever!! and my view of the fact that families can be together forever has just gotten way more grateful. like even if someone dies you will still be with them again.

anyway the baptism was great and the elders helped a lot. we are so blessed.  our district is way united now and it makes things way easier and more enjoyable.

theres a member in the branch who is a ward missionary and he always just speaks english. but we took him knocking doors with us on wednesday and it was crazy. like he was knocking two doors at once and just putting pamphlets everywhere and the best was when a was trying to talk to a vietnamese boy who didnt really speak english. like it was so hard to not laugh. but then we said thanks.  he wants to come do it more but we probabaly wont hahha.

on wednesday hna villalobos came with me here and we contacted some refreralls. one was someone the elders are teaching hahahha at the end i was like i want to teach you and she said yeah so do i. her aunt is a member and she said she told her aunt she wanted me to teach her hahahhaha but oh well i wont steal the elders friends.

yesterday we got to teach relief society about members and missionaries working together. and then we set up for the baptism and the rest is history. but actually post baptism we went over to visit with C’s family (he had to go to work ahahhahah) and they gave us food and we sang and hermana V’s teeth fell out. shes crazy and hna clanton said i made her funnier. score. i love the members here. they are soooo amazing. portland/gresham is a real nice place to serve.

thanks for loving me. i love you too


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