knocking doors…holler back

right after we finished emailing the english speaking sisters called and said they were being moved. so president and sister taylor came to pick em up. i always love seeing president and his wife so it was fun. and now its just me and hermana clanton in the taj ma jal– as sister taylor calls it. hahha. we are way too blessed.

driving in the snow was way fun and i made chocolate chip banana pancakes ❤

we had distict meeting on tuesday and when we drove up all the elders were having a snowball fight so we stayed in the car for a lil while hahha. we are the only spanish sister missionaries on this side of the river!! we went to subway and they were playing HALO BY BEYONCE. i almost cried. i was so happy.

we had a lesson with c who is gunna be baptized on sunday actually. at 5. and he is so ready and excited and happy. hermana clanton still keeps saying how amazed she is by how different he has become since i started teaching him. which just fills my heart with joy and such a sure knowledge that i have been called to teach these people and love em. and i sure do love them!!

we took some members out with us this week. they are fabulous. we visited r and talked a lil about the plan of salvation and how we still like the virgin guadelupe we just dont call her that. and the members bore way strong testimonies. when we first met r he said he wanted to quit drinking and we told him its totallly possible but his wife (i) told us that he has been drinking a lot so thats sad but we will continue to teach him and show how much we care. because he literally has never let missionaries in his house before us. everything is gunna be so good. we visited i during p day yesterday and she was sad about her husband but we talked to her and sang and now we are gunna teach them seperately cause they work at different times and they need different things. stay tuned for more great news about them.

for valentines day we made some hearts with lil sayings and put them on some of our friends doors. i realized i needed to expand my spanish valentine vocabulary. we had a lesson with l who we met last week and she remembered our names!!

church was good. before dinner we knocked some doors and met a way cool lady. she let us in and said she has been wanting to go back to church and have god in her life. she was so honest with us and said she wanted to be baptized and was like when can you come back? we are going back today! but what a miracle that was. knocking doors. holler back.

today we are so sore from zone pday soccer yesterday. i love playing! we get ipads for real next week. we saw the closet full of ipads. it was beautiful. i love serving in portland and i love this church. i know that the book of mormon is true and when i read it i feel so good.

make your week so good. love you!!


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