i love the members here…they are so amazing.

yesterday C was baptized!! and the whole branch came again. we decided we are gunna do it in a bigger building next time cause so many people keep coming. but it was so sweet. he was happy and next week he will be confirmed and get the holy ghost. whats the coolest is that his wife was just baptized like 4 months ago and in a year they can get sealed in the temple for forever!! and my view of the fact that families can be together forever has just gotten way more grateful. like even if someone dies you will still be with them again.

anyway the baptism was great and the elders helped a lot. we are so blessed.  our district is way united now and it makes things way easier and more enjoyable.

theres a member in the branch who is a ward missionary and he always just speaks english. but we took him knocking doors with us on wednesday and it was crazy. like he was knocking two doors at once and just putting pamphlets everywhere and the best was when a was trying to talk to a vietnamese boy who didnt really speak english. like it was so hard to not laugh. but then we said thanks.  he wants to come do it more but we probabaly wont hahha.

on wednesday hna villalobos came with me here and we contacted some refreralls. one was someone the elders are teaching hahahha at the end i was like i want to teach you and she said yeah so do i. her aunt is a member and she said she told her aunt she wanted me to teach her hahahhaha but oh well i wont steal the elders friends.

yesterday we got to teach relief society about members and missionaries working together. and then we set up for the baptism and the rest is history. but actually post baptism we went over to visit with C’s family (he had to go to work ahahhahah) and they gave us food and we sang and hermana V’s teeth fell out. shes crazy and hna clanton said i made her funnier. score. i love the members here. they are soooo amazing. portland/gresham is a real nice place to serve.

thanks for loving me. i love you too


knocking doors…holler back

right after we finished emailing the english speaking sisters called and said they were being moved. so president and sister taylor came to pick em up. i always love seeing president and his wife so it was fun. and now its just me and hermana clanton in the taj ma jal– as sister taylor calls it. hahha. we are way too blessed.

driving in the snow was way fun and i made chocolate chip banana pancakes ❤

we had distict meeting on tuesday and when we drove up all the elders were having a snowball fight so we stayed in the car for a lil while hahha. we are the only spanish sister missionaries on this side of the river!! we went to subway and they were playing HALO BY BEYONCE. i almost cried. i was so happy.

we had a lesson with c who is gunna be baptized on sunday actually. at 5. and he is so ready and excited and happy. hermana clanton still keeps saying how amazed she is by how different he has become since i started teaching him. which just fills my heart with joy and such a sure knowledge that i have been called to teach these people and love em. and i sure do love them!!

we took some members out with us this week. they are fabulous. we visited r and talked a lil about the plan of salvation and how we still like the virgin guadelupe we just dont call her that. and the members bore way strong testimonies. when we first met r he said he wanted to quit drinking and we told him its totallly possible but his wife (i) told us that he has been drinking a lot so thats sad but we will continue to teach him and show how much we care. because he literally has never let missionaries in his house before us. everything is gunna be so good. we visited i during p day yesterday and she was sad about her husband but we talked to her and sang and now we are gunna teach them seperately cause they work at different times and they need different things. stay tuned for more great news about them.

for valentines day we made some hearts with lil sayings and put them on some of our friends doors. i realized i needed to expand my spanish valentine vocabulary. we had a lesson with l who we met last week and she remembered our names!!

church was good. before dinner we knocked some doors and met a way cool lady. she let us in and said she has been wanting to go back to church and have god in her life. she was so honest with us and said she wanted to be baptized and was like when can you come back? we are going back today! but what a miracle that was. knocking doors. holler back.

today we are so sore from zone pday soccer yesterday. i love playing! we get ipads for real next week. we saw the closet full of ipads. it was beautiful. i love serving in portland and i love this church. i know that the book of mormon is true and when i read it i feel so good.

make your week so good. love you!!

just like another great week…so much snow talk

on monday night we watched the joseph smith movie with the s fam which was good but we watched it via youtube and put on the subtitles and they were literally crazy and not correct at all so it was hard for me to be serious. but they said it helped them understand more about him!

on tuesday we had a district lunche at chipotle annnnd at night we had a lesson with c. His wife was baptized like a couple months ago and the missionaries have been teaching him for a while. but on tuesday we invited a member to come,  and asked him to bring the mormon message “earthly father, heavenly father”. he ended up just recording it on his phone and he brought speakers and it was funny but woah was it good. me and hermana clanton talked with him and we talked about how this will totally bless his family and i dont really remember what else was said. but we watched the mormon message and it was super powerful. even though it was on such a small screen. he totally felt the spirit. a couple weeks ago we had asked him to pray about being baptized on feb 22 or mar 1st. so after the video, victor bore his testimony and i asked if he had prayed about a date. i was expecting him to say no. but then he was like tengo una sopressa. he picked feb 22nd!!!!! his wife was so happy and she like teared up and we were just like ahhh . good thing the table was there or else i might have tried to hug him hahha just kidding. but it was an awesome moment. c was super happy and so is everyone! the member we brought was baptized last year and he was able to relate to c. members are the best.


then on wednesday we went tracting like good lil missionaries and we knocked into a cool lady. it was so frigid and windy outside and she let us in and we taught some restoration and she invited us to someones birthday party, like either her son or grandson. and we invited her to the branch celebration….both of which were cancelled due to the snow. but we are going back tommroow to teach her more!!

yea so then on thursday morning we finally went running and loved it and then it started snowing during the day, apparently we werent supposed to drive, but no one told us. we tried to knock doors but it was bien frigid so we hit up a mexican tienda and just talked to people there and bought some giant cookies. by the time we were going home it had snowed a lot on our hill we live on so we had to take a detour and we barely made it up that! and then it just kept getting snowier. like on friday we couldnt really do anything execpt walk to the lounge and get hot chocolate.IMG_0066IMG_0070

saturday was the same but then at night we decided to try to walk down the hill. even though all our apartment neighbors were like nooo its too dangerous. it wasnt even bad but literally everything was covered in snow and then ice. like there was an inch of ice on everything! including the cars and the trees and our windows and the railing and then my coat.

yesterday church was cancelled hahhaha it was the weirdest. we went on a walk to see the s. fam and somehow i lost my tag 😦 and we walked to a members house to eat some dinner. but neither of us have like snowboots so it was super gross and wet. and like icicles were falling from all the trees. one hit my hand hahhaa when i took a picture and it bled. life is so good.

sorrry for so much snow talk. it was overwhelming and took up a majority of the week hahha but everything is getting better and i made some smoothies!

we played bananagrams and the english sisters words included: qween and avacodo. i wish i had started paying attention to her words sooner.

anyways during the snow days i didnt really feel like a missionary. it was the weirdest time ever. thanks for the invitation to evans eagle scout thing. it looks awesome.

r is probably getting baptized on saturday but we have to teach him a bunch of things like today and tomorrow cause we havent been able to see him in forever cause the snow. yayyy

i love you people. thanks for being such cool friends/family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTAN ❤


Staying in portland!

DSCF3014I AM STAYING IN PORTLAND/GRESHAM ❤ i am soooo excited and hermana clanton is my companion. she is literally the greatest. everything is gunna be incredible. everything is always incredible.

we had interviews on tuesday and president is just great. he basically told me i was staying and then he told hna clanton we were gunna be companions. and we were so excited.  but having an interview with president is so enjoyable and like his love for us is a lot. he really wants us to suceed and be the best missionaries we can.

after interviews we all went to lunch at red robin cause a member drove us. they have bottomless fries but i got bottomless broccoli which was actually super delicious. and that day i used the handwarmers that someone sent me for christmas so that was pretty fun. 

when the housing people came to check our apt last week they asked if we needed anything and i was like “welll a blender would be super cool”. and they got us one somehow! the church is so true. i love blenders and life. could you send me some cool smoothie recipe things cause i forgot how to make any. and like if they have vegetables thats better. THANKS

i really like reading the book of mormon now cause i actually understand it. i literally didnt understand anything growing up. (thanks for trying though parents)  well it was my fault. i didnt put in enough effort

transfer letters came on friday! and we went to the lounge at the apartment and got free hot chocolate from a cool machine hahha 1560480_10203043942683839_864507606_nand then later that night we went over to a recent converts house and talked to her a lil, and then her cousin came and we are gunna start teaching her on friday! it was so good cause the member was kinda sad that her husband and daughter dont really seem interested.  so we’re  happy that maybe her cousin is.

we tore it up at saturday sports like usual and more people are coming!! i played a lil bit of animals with one of the little girls, but also we played vb and soccer and basketball.

we had a lesson with m and e who are just amazing. m bore her testimony ayer at church and it was the cutest. they are both still so eager to learn and are so happy. m’s sister can see this happiness and she wants it for herself. vamos a bautizarla!!!

we knocked some doors on saturday and one was this crazy lady. i knocked and then she like opened a window next to me and totally scared me. she liked it though. and she told us where some hispanics live hahha

i always get really freaked out for fast sunday but then its actually never that bad. the s came to church and liked it. and the new gospel principles teacher is bien chistoso and our branch president g is just great. i am so happy i get to continue to serve in this branch.

we got invited to some super bowl parties. thank goodness beyonce performed last year so i wasnt tempted to watch hahha but it was hard for the elders. we ate at m and e’s and it was way funny. like every night at dinner is really funny. i love our district and the members in the branch. but some of the elders are leaving and so we get different ones. but its gunna be good. IMG_0019

we started teaching  the son of a recent convert, and they had taught him in the past, well tried but he never really listened. we talked to him one time earlier when he said he wanted to get baptized!!! hna clanton was soooo shocked cause of how he acted other times they tried to talk to him. but woah has he had a change of heart. we have been teaching him and he is preparing to get baptized on feb 15th

also another investigator is preparing to be baptized on feb 22. ahhhh hopefully his mom wants to also! they come to church so regularly and already live the wow (which we taught them this week) and they need the holy ghost in their lives.

i dont know if this is a sin but last week on monday night we visited someone and they invited us in. we talked about the book of mormon and they were super interested and said they would read it. we sang and asked if we could said a prayer before we left. they were like okay and got out the rosary and the paper with all their prayers. i didnt really know what to do so i kind of just took it like a cool cultural experience so i participated. it was super interesting to see the different ways that people pray. it was 30 minutes long of reciting/repeating stuff and consisted of them facing a statue. in one part they asked if we wanted to ask god anything so i just said a  prayer like i usually do.  God is our father and just wants us to be honest and speak from our hearts. but it was super interesting and they invited us to come back tonight! so that should be cool.

me sinning part 2. we knocked on some doors and these people  let us in and made tea and just like watched us. so i kind of just blew it for a long time and then sipped a little cause i felt so bad. they were soo poor and they made us tea!!! i asked if we could just like take it in cups to go but they didnt have cups so that was just awk.

it just started snowing. yay. life is way good. my mission is almost halfway over. sometimes i have dreams that its done and im home and i feel like i didnt make enough of a difference so then that just makes me want to work harder. but i love everything i get to do. its super exhausting sometimes but i love it. like i am so full of joy all the time. thanks for all the support and love. have a great week and  HAPPY 20th to MY BEST FRIEND!!!