story time

IMG_2320highlight of the week:  we were knocking doors on friday night, well like we had only knocked 2 when we knocked on r’s door. he was an old hispanic man. we said our names and he told us to come in. thank goodness we are a trio or else we wouldnt have been able to go into his house cause his wife wasnt home. so we sit down and say we are from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and asked if he has heard of this church. he was so humble and ready to listen to us. the tv was on in the other room but he went and turned it off. we kind of talked about our purpose as missionaries and like gave a lil intro to our message. he told us he is catholic but doesnt really go to church.  he asked us our views on abortion and marraige and he believes the same things as us!!  he said that he never lets missionaries in, he always just says he is catholic and tells them to leave. but he was listening to us and asking us questions and the spirit was incredibly strong. it was so clear that he wanted to change his life and be closer to God. he asked US where our church was and said he was gunna come with his wife (who is also christian). before we left we sang him a hymn and he recorded it with his phone trying to be like sneaky. but it was the cutest thing ever. he told us his house is our house and we set up an appointment to come back on saturday and teach his wife.

we came back and she was so excited to meet us! she said she was so suprised when her husband told her he let missionaries in but after a few minutes of talking to them, she said she could now understand why. she said we were so calm and peaceful and she felt way good. i love the spirit!!! we taught them the restoration like the best i have ever taught it. they understood and werent freaked out about joseph smith or anything. we sang to them again and he told us he recorded us the night before hahahha. and like always we knelt and said a prayer, he said it and it was beautiful. i love when our investigators say thank you for the hermanas in their prayers. it makes me so happy. and thats exactly what he did. he was like take care of there families and it was just a really sincere prayer. when we opened our eyes, his wife was crying. i asked how they felt and she was so happy and at peace. i am so grateful we were able to knock on his door and be able to teach a reaaally prepared couple.

and then they came to church on sunday!!!!!!!! like never have we met someone and they have come to church that same week. and church was perfect. the gospel priciple lesson was about free agency and the teacher was a different teacher than usual and i think they really liked it. also suprise their neighbor is in the branch and when she say them at church she flipppped out. she was crazy and was like introducing them to everyone. i wish everyone felllowshipped like that. anyways, that was a super long story. but it was incredible and it just made me love being a missionary even more. like the church is so true and everything happens for a reason.

i love it here in the northwest. it was sunny yesterday and its always automatically a good day when its sunny. thanks for the love from my family and friends. rock on. IMG_2333


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