surprise…we had 2 baptisms!


on sunday we had a baptism!!!!! the other hermanas had been teaching her but i got to join in the fun and help them prepare for baptism. 100 people were at the baptism!!! like the whole branch hand president taylor and his wife and all the people that work in the mission office! it was crazy but so exciting. and i got to give the talk about the holy ghost! which they will get next sunday. but woah, are they awesome people. She is so cool and i gave her a lot of hugs, which the elders made fun of, but i was really excited!!!! they were so happy too!

on wednesday (i think) we knocked a door and the person on the inside was like i dont know who the cuss it is. and we all got freaked out and braced ourself for the door slam but then it was actually the cutest kid ever and his mom. the kid invited us in and was talking about jesus being in his heart. it was adorable. i showed him the pictures in the beginning of the book of mormon and explained what the book of mormon was. the mom was listening too and asked if she could have one!! i was like yea of course.  she had friends that are mormon but they never really told her that much cause she said it seemed like they didnt want to offend her but she was like i dont know why they would think they were offending me. anyways she was soo cool and interested, unfortunatly she spoke english so we cant teach her. but i added her on facebook hahah also the best part was that they were watching the amazing spiderman with andrew garfield. and it was my favorite part. when he skateboards and coldplay music is on. i may or may not have watched. it was beautiful. god loves me.

then after that we were driving to go have exchanges and this old man was stopped trying to push his car. so me and hermana clanton got out and helped. it was super tiring. he called us angels. and then to reinforce his thoughts we sang to him. we were super out of breath during the song. but like woah i just love helping people.

i got to have exchanges in hood river with hermana kidd who goes home in like 2 weeks! which i cant even imagine.

we had a nice amount of meat at one members house for dinner this week. like i probabaly dont need to eat meat for a whole month.

we had a stake breakfast with all the missionaries in gresham. mingling is such an important missionary skill. like the amount of mingling/small talk that is done is a lot. IMG_2300

now that our area is 2 areas we are running out of miles like nobodys business. i have no idea how we are going to get around at the end of the month. weve started carpooling with the elders which is funny but also pretty inconvient.

holy cajoly i love all the members in the branch!!!! they are all so incredible. so many people came to the baptism and they feed all 7 missionarys and they are just so loving its ridiculous . the branch president is president g. he is literallly the coolest. he loves missionary work and he has so much energy and animo por la obra misional. its so great to have so much support. on saturday we played volleyball. we are trying to have sports every saturday so we can invite ur investigators to come check out the church and have some fun. but this week it was like just the missionaries and president gs family which was hilarous. he kept asking me if i was possessed.

its been way sunny these days

God really wants us to suceed. i have had trouble waking up at 630. i mean like i do it, but its not fun. so i decided to pray at night for the ability to wake up and not be tired and oh my goodness it worked. God wants to help us, he is just waiting for us to ask. he loves us so much though!!!!

other random thing. i realized that if we see something that we can make better then just act to make it better. its pointless to wait for someone else to do something that i am perfectly capable of doing. this week i realized that being a missionary means more that just knowing how to teach lessons. its like you have to be good at so many other random little things. and all these little things that we are good at add up to make us awesome. im not awesome but i have seen God help me work harder and be better. i am a happy missionary and i love this gospel. i know that the book of mormon is true and that we can only live with our families in neverending happiness if we have faith, repent, are baptized, receive the gift of the holy ghost, and work hard every day to be the best person we can.

thanks for all the support and love. i am way to blessed.

so much love, hermana scow



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