tres con tango

im in a trio.  as of like saturday afternoon.  on friday president called and hermana peterson got transfered to vancouver and im here with hermana clanton and newbold working in both our areas. so its like pretty huge but now we are just teaching lessons on lessons.IMG_2277

we had a lesson with 2 investigators who are progressing like nobodys business. they have been reading the book of mormon and when we asked him if he prayed about our message he said he did, and he felt like it was good and the right thing to do. they like the book of mormon. last time we brought a member and they basically talked about so many random things including the word of wisdom so last time we gave them a folleto when we left and then this time we taught it. they liked it and thought it made sense. cause it does. and they said they will follow it after they finish the coffee that they have at home hahhaa. but i love them!


since we go to the library everyday im friends with all the libraians. and everyone keeps saying we will get ipads soon so last week we said bye to patrick and took a picture with him  and he gave me a hug hahhaha oops. i didnt hug back.   but he is way funny and i am gunna miss talking with all these cool librarians.


one day this week we talked to 2 people who want to go back to church! one we knocked into and he told us his life story and we were like ya go back to church. and the other was at a bus stop and we did a classic i talk to one person and hermana peterson talks to the other and then sometimes we introduce them and then it just turns into a great situation where everyone is making new friends. but he was cool and we told him to start reading in the book of mormon again. it was raining and we sang i am a child of god to them. i liked it. hopefully they did too.

THANKS AUNT LYNNE LESLIE AND RYANNE for the package!!!!!!! you are too sweet.  i love the christmas card and the notes and the book of spain architecture thats in spanish and english! what a nice gift. the whole package is great. thanks ❤

this week after zone meeting we went to carls jr. and it wasnt my favorite. they had tvs and they were really obnoxious and i just wanted to go to chipotle but i am trying to be sweet and easy going.

on friday we were just eating lunch when president called. and then hermana peterson started packing. dinner was soooo delicious and i liked tres leche for the first time ever. also before she left we finally went to voodoo donuts and i got a crazy donut with a cuss word in the name.

now we are in a trio and liking it. i dont have to drive. and our 3 beds are just jammed in 1 room.

church yesterday was nice. i like that its at 1 oclock. the members are way cool and i just love it. its been kind of sunny lately but then that means its also windy. which reminds me. i kind of want some more skirts. i have a lot of shirts i like, but like skirts are a different story. soo if you see any good ones i would be feliz.IMG_2268

i still love being a missionary. thanks for liking me stuff on facebook.

OH ALSOOOO we taught the colombians! they go back to colombia like tommorow but it was a good lesson and they said they are like neighbors with the missionaries in Columbia so that sounds promising.

i love my family and my friends and i am super grateful for everyone in my life. for their example to me and their kindness. i am too blessed. i dont deserve all these nice people being nice to me. but i do appreciate it.

soooo much love from hermana scow here in portland/gresham!!


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