sunday: our first sunday in the new building up in gresham. its a beautiful building and everything was way cool but its just also way farther from our investigators. president cornia was released 😦  but now we have president g. thats what everyone calls him. there are 8 missionaries in the branch and we all ate together! the s family came to church again.

saturday: it was sunny. we get ipads soon. we got asked how apple savvy we are. hahha i am tan animada for Ios 5.  missionary work and apple products….what a dream. we had 0 new investigators the whole week which was super frusterating cause we were talking to a ton of people. but then on saturday we finally got the blessings. we taught a teenage girl and then her brother and sister came and participated in the lesson! her older sister is going to a christian church and she loves it and has so many friends there.  anyways, got some new investigators. and they have been reading the book of mormon!! and we taught another lady who has also been reading! and she had some great questions about jospeh smith. she lives like 10 miles away from church though so thats a little bit of a challenge. then we went on facebook and as we were driving away a member like got our attention and was like are you guys our new missionarys. and i was like nah we are in the spanish branch, and he said woah perfect theres a family in our ward and they have relatives visiting from colombia and they came to church last week and he taught them the first lesson. he like showed us right then how to get to their house and he introduced us and it was so neat. they are catholic but dont really have a church. we taught them a lil bout the book of mormon and we have an appointment with them tonight! miracles. also we had dinner at the cornias. last supper and we didnt even know it. cause then  he got released from his calling the next day hahha. but their family is amazing. he served for like 4 years.

also presidnt and sister taylor texted us like congrats on 5 new investigators hahah

friday: the other hermana in the apartment got a weird flu so we got to go on splits and get a bunch of chlorox. it was fun. but shes better now

thursday: i had my least awkward oym thus far! at the library i saw a lady looking at spanish dvds so i was just like hey im trying to learn spanish and i need some practice (but in spanish) and then it was so natural.

wednesday: we finaaaaally met this lady who we have been trying to visit since we got to portland. she doesnt want to go to the branch so we are looking for an english ward to get her to attend. my companion’s lotion spilled in her bag and she was mad and had no where to wipe it so i offered my legs. hahahhaha it was so symbiotic. but it was on like the corner of a main street. hopefully it didnt look too awkward.

tuesday: we ate 12 grapes at the gadeas for the months in 2014, but that was after we ate sooo much real dinner food. the members love feeding us. after we visited a recent convert and brought them to the party in the new building. the new years party. it was fun and we left at 9. i cant believe its 2014.

monday: i was sad for some reason but now i cant remember why, but my companion gave me a pep talk. she doesnt like went its silent so if i dont answer she will just keep talking, which is good cause then i dont have to say anything hahahha but she’s a good companion

en general: it was a good week. thanks for people for liking my statuses haha. i am super grateful to be a missionary here and speaking spanish. i love the branch and i love this gospel. and my favorite quotey thing this week is “dont be fearful before something bad has happened” which makes sense.

everyone have a the best week ever, and then have an even better one next week. life keeps getting better and better.  i love it.


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