what a fun week!

DSCF0626what a fun week! christmas day was so nice. well okay so was christmas eve. we went to eat at a members house and we learned how to make egg rolls hahahha and then i used the technique for a present the next day. but on christmas we woke up and opened presents. the missionaries in my district knew that i didnt get the package from my family yet so they bought me presents secretly. it was the nicest thing ever. like on christmas i just woke up knowing i didnt have any gifts but then i did!  my distict is the best district. they are all so funny but then just so caring and i dont know what i did to be this blessed. we went to breakfast at the salazars and hung out with the dog cheekie. i dont really know how to spell it. but a couple weeks ago they said they thought she was pregnant. so like monday night we stopped by hahahha cause i felt that maybe the dog was having puppies and we could help. but it wasnt hahahha. anyways breakfast was goood and then we had lunch at the cornias. slash SKYPED. and that was marvelous. to see my family. wow i love my family. and then i forget what else happened but we went over to the solis house at some point and sang some songs and ate some tamales and tacos and life was good.

and then on thursday we had district meeting and went to subway and i got the chirstmas package!! and i love my family even more. everything was great and thanks mom and thank you aunt saskia and rebecca and chelsea and everyone. you are great people.DSCF0672

on friday i went on exchanges to hood river. and we stopped in cascade lox to meet and switch and thats where the selfies were taken. hood river is beautuful and the drive there was beautiful. there are orchards everywhere and i just want to go in the spring and eat all the fruit! but i got to work with hermana porter and we taught somebody. she had been baptized by english elders a few years ago. she saw an ad on tv!! and called and yeah. anyways so we talked to her and showed her lds.org <http://lds.org>  i just want everyone to watch “mountains to climb” and read the conf talk by president uchtdorf  “come join with us”.

then on saturday we got to drive alll the way from hood to portland and it was the prettiest drive ever. so much green.  my favorite color is green. someone that the other hermanas taught got baptized and it was good.

yesterday at church was cray. they announced that the siempre verde will now meet in gresham so that was pretty tramatic. i guess they have had there own building and same meeting time for like 7 years. and so now some people are just gunna go to their respective english wards. but it will be good. i am glad i am able to serve in this branch and that everything is so changey on missions. but the one thing that never changes is gods love for us and the example of jesus christ we are to follow.  i love this gospel and i love being a missionary.  i really love being out here and knocking doors. yesterday 3 in a row got shut in my face. but it was fun. i usually have a pretty solid record of people being nice ahhahaha anyways. life is great and i love all my family and friends. have a nice new years. xoxo hermana scow.


also im finally gunna write people back today ahhh soorry im a terrible person


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