Sorry….here’s last week’s email (slacking blog manager)

the s family came to church agaaaaain. last week we taught them on monday and then on tuesday the branch president came with us and gave them priesthood blessings.  tonight we have a lesson and apartently their uncle that is a member is coming so hopefully that goes really well.

we have been doing some fun door knocking and tracted into this cool family. we taught em about the book of mormon and they want to learn more. they seem super prepared and we are super excited about that

then we also taught o and b and now we are teaching the dad too! but we brought a member and she kind of talked about everything. like somtimes members just get super excited and then talk about so many things that we havent even taught yet. but anyways that was a good lesson and they want us to keep coming back. they go to another church and like dont know if it is okay to go to both churches but we explained that it definilty is fine to learn all you can.

we went to a like buffet with a member for dinner one night. it was like chinese and japanese and american food! everyone was super suprised we dont go to that many buffets, so that was quite an experience. DSCF0055it just reminded me of the cruise. but the elders made me eat baby octopus.  the night before they wanted us to eat lengua but we had a lesson so we left before they could order it so hermana peterson agreed to eat the octopus and then i had to also. but it was like the smallest bite ever and it was disgusting.

i still have a cold but i finally bought nyquil and dayquil so ill probabaky just start taking that super regularly. i cant belivee that it still isnt christmas. we have been singing christmas songs since thanksgving!

we had a zone meeting where we talked about teaching to the most important thing which is eternal life, power from on high, and remission of sins, like and every lesson we are to refer to that because thats really the reason why we do anything, to get thoes awesome eternal gifts. oh goodness i want to be with my family forever. everything goes by way to fast and it freaks me out. like how sad would it be if nothing happened after this life?

pues, i just want to say how grateful i am for Jesus Christ, for his atonement and the knowledge that he died on the cross and thought about every single person. i want to be more christlike and just do the things that he would. he is such an incredible example and we are so blessed to have his church again on the earth.

happy hanukah to lena

thanks for sending me christmas presents!!!! you are the best people. how did i get so lucky to have you guys in my life? thanks for everything and if anyone ever has any questions about this or that please ask me like via facebook chat or something. i love you all and wish you the best christmas ever. next year at this time ill be like almost coming home ahhhhh.

well yea i love you guys a lot. thanks for being my family. i hope your christmas is wonderful! 2014 will be cool.DSCF0542


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