story time

IMG_2320highlight of the week:  we were knocking doors on friday night, well like we had only knocked 2 when we knocked on r’s door. he was an old hispanic man. we said our names and he told us to come in. thank goodness we are a trio or else we wouldnt have been able to go into his house cause his wife wasnt home. so we sit down and say we are from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and asked if he has heard of this church. he was so humble and ready to listen to us. the tv was on in the other room but he went and turned it off. we kind of talked about our purpose as missionaries and like gave a lil intro to our message. he told us he is catholic but doesnt really go to church.  he asked us our views on abortion and marraige and he believes the same things as us!!  he said that he never lets missionaries in, he always just says he is catholic and tells them to leave. but he was listening to us and asking us questions and the spirit was incredibly strong. it was so clear that he wanted to change his life and be closer to God. he asked US where our church was and said he was gunna come with his wife (who is also christian). before we left we sang him a hymn and he recorded it with his phone trying to be like sneaky. but it was the cutest thing ever. he told us his house is our house and we set up an appointment to come back on saturday and teach his wife.

we came back and she was so excited to meet us! she said she was so suprised when her husband told her he let missionaries in but after a few minutes of talking to them, she said she could now understand why. she said we were so calm and peaceful and she felt way good. i love the spirit!!! we taught them the restoration like the best i have ever taught it. they understood and werent freaked out about joseph smith or anything. we sang to them again and he told us he recorded us the night before hahahha. and like always we knelt and said a prayer, he said it and it was beautiful. i love when our investigators say thank you for the hermanas in their prayers. it makes me so happy. and thats exactly what he did. he was like take care of there families and it was just a really sincere prayer. when we opened our eyes, his wife was crying. i asked how they felt and she was so happy and at peace. i am so grateful we were able to knock on his door and be able to teach a reaaally prepared couple.

and then they came to church on sunday!!!!!!!! like never have we met someone and they have come to church that same week. and church was perfect. the gospel priciple lesson was about free agency and the teacher was a different teacher than usual and i think they really liked it. also suprise their neighbor is in the branch and when she say them at church she flipppped out. she was crazy and was like introducing them to everyone. i wish everyone felllowshipped like that. anyways, that was a super long story. but it was incredible and it just made me love being a missionary even more. like the church is so true and everything happens for a reason.

i love it here in the northwest. it was sunny yesterday and its always automatically a good day when its sunny. thanks for the love from my family and friends. rock on. IMG_2333


surprise…we had 2 baptisms!


on sunday we had a baptism!!!!! the other hermanas had been teaching her but i got to join in the fun and help them prepare for baptism. 100 people were at the baptism!!! like the whole branch hand president taylor and his wife and all the people that work in the mission office! it was crazy but so exciting. and i got to give the talk about the holy ghost! which they will get next sunday. but woah, are they awesome people. She is so cool and i gave her a lot of hugs, which the elders made fun of, but i was really excited!!!! they were so happy too!

on wednesday (i think) we knocked a door and the person on the inside was like i dont know who the cuss it is. and we all got freaked out and braced ourself for the door slam but then it was actually the cutest kid ever and his mom. the kid invited us in and was talking about jesus being in his heart. it was adorable. i showed him the pictures in the beginning of the book of mormon and explained what the book of mormon was. the mom was listening too and asked if she could have one!! i was like yea of course.  she had friends that are mormon but they never really told her that much cause she said it seemed like they didnt want to offend her but she was like i dont know why they would think they were offending me. anyways she was soo cool and interested, unfortunatly she spoke english so we cant teach her. but i added her on facebook hahah also the best part was that they were watching the amazing spiderman with andrew garfield. and it was my favorite part. when he skateboards and coldplay music is on. i may or may not have watched. it was beautiful. god loves me.

then after that we were driving to go have exchanges and this old man was stopped trying to push his car. so me and hermana clanton got out and helped. it was super tiring. he called us angels. and then to reinforce his thoughts we sang to him. we were super out of breath during the song. but like woah i just love helping people.

i got to have exchanges in hood river with hermana kidd who goes home in like 2 weeks! which i cant even imagine.

we had a nice amount of meat at one members house for dinner this week. like i probabaly dont need to eat meat for a whole month.

we had a stake breakfast with all the missionaries in gresham. mingling is such an important missionary skill. like the amount of mingling/small talk that is done is a lot. IMG_2300

now that our area is 2 areas we are running out of miles like nobodys business. i have no idea how we are going to get around at the end of the month. weve started carpooling with the elders which is funny but also pretty inconvient.

holy cajoly i love all the members in the branch!!!! they are all so incredible. so many people came to the baptism and they feed all 7 missionarys and they are just so loving its ridiculous . the branch president is president g. he is literallly the coolest. he loves missionary work and he has so much energy and animo por la obra misional. its so great to have so much support. on saturday we played volleyball. we are trying to have sports every saturday so we can invite ur investigators to come check out the church and have some fun. but this week it was like just the missionaries and president gs family which was hilarous. he kept asking me if i was possessed.

its been way sunny these days

God really wants us to suceed. i have had trouble waking up at 630. i mean like i do it, but its not fun. so i decided to pray at night for the ability to wake up and not be tired and oh my goodness it worked. God wants to help us, he is just waiting for us to ask. he loves us so much though!!!!

other random thing. i realized that if we see something that we can make better then just act to make it better. its pointless to wait for someone else to do something that i am perfectly capable of doing. this week i realized that being a missionary means more that just knowing how to teach lessons. its like you have to be good at so many other random little things. and all these little things that we are good at add up to make us awesome. im not awesome but i have seen God help me work harder and be better. i am a happy missionary and i love this gospel. i know that the book of mormon is true and that we can only live with our families in neverending happiness if we have faith, repent, are baptized, receive the gift of the holy ghost, and work hard every day to be the best person we can.

thanks for all the support and love. i am way to blessed.

so much love, hermana scow


tres con tango

im in a trio.  as of like saturday afternoon.  on friday president called and hermana peterson got transfered to vancouver and im here with hermana clanton and newbold working in both our areas. so its like pretty huge but now we are just teaching lessons on lessons.IMG_2277

we had a lesson with 2 investigators who are progressing like nobodys business. they have been reading the book of mormon and when we asked him if he prayed about our message he said he did, and he felt like it was good and the right thing to do. they like the book of mormon. last time we brought a member and they basically talked about so many random things including the word of wisdom so last time we gave them a folleto when we left and then this time we taught it. they liked it and thought it made sense. cause it does. and they said they will follow it after they finish the coffee that they have at home hahhaa. but i love them!


since we go to the library everyday im friends with all the libraians. and everyone keeps saying we will get ipads soon so last week we said bye to patrick and took a picture with him  and he gave me a hug hahhaha oops. i didnt hug back.   but he is way funny and i am gunna miss talking with all these cool librarians.


one day this week we talked to 2 people who want to go back to church! one we knocked into and he told us his life story and we were like ya go back to church. and the other was at a bus stop and we did a classic i talk to one person and hermana peterson talks to the other and then sometimes we introduce them and then it just turns into a great situation where everyone is making new friends. but he was cool and we told him to start reading in the book of mormon again. it was raining and we sang i am a child of god to them. i liked it. hopefully they did too.

THANKS AUNT LYNNE LESLIE AND RYANNE for the package!!!!!!! you are too sweet.  i love the christmas card and the notes and the book of spain architecture thats in spanish and english! what a nice gift. the whole package is great. thanks ❤

this week after zone meeting we went to carls jr. and it wasnt my favorite. they had tvs and they were really obnoxious and i just wanted to go to chipotle but i am trying to be sweet and easy going.

on friday we were just eating lunch when president called. and then hermana peterson started packing. dinner was soooo delicious and i liked tres leche for the first time ever. also before she left we finally went to voodoo donuts and i got a crazy donut with a cuss word in the name.

now we are in a trio and liking it. i dont have to drive. and our 3 beds are just jammed in 1 room.

church yesterday was nice. i like that its at 1 oclock. the members are way cool and i just love it. its been kind of sunny lately but then that means its also windy. which reminds me. i kind of want some more skirts. i have a lot of shirts i like, but like skirts are a different story. soo if you see any good ones i would be feliz.IMG_2268

i still love being a missionary. thanks for liking me stuff on facebook.

OH ALSOOOO we taught the colombians! they go back to colombia like tommorow but it was a good lesson and they said they are like neighbors with the missionaries in Columbia so that sounds promising.

i love my family and my friends and i am super grateful for everyone in my life. for their example to me and their kindness. i am too blessed. i dont deserve all these nice people being nice to me. but i do appreciate it.

soooo much love from hermana scow here in portland/gresham!!


sunday: our first sunday in the new building up in gresham. its a beautiful building and everything was way cool but its just also way farther from our investigators. president cornia was released 😦  but now we have president g. thats what everyone calls him. there are 8 missionaries in the branch and we all ate together! the s family came to church again.

saturday: it was sunny. we get ipads soon. we got asked how apple savvy we are. hahha i am tan animada for Ios 5.  missionary work and apple products….what a dream. we had 0 new investigators the whole week which was super frusterating cause we were talking to a ton of people. but then on saturday we finally got the blessings. we taught a teenage girl and then her brother and sister came and participated in the lesson! her older sister is going to a christian church and she loves it and has so many friends there.  anyways, got some new investigators. and they have been reading the book of mormon!! and we taught another lady who has also been reading! and she had some great questions about jospeh smith. she lives like 10 miles away from church though so thats a little bit of a challenge. then we went on facebook and as we were driving away a member like got our attention and was like are you guys our new missionarys. and i was like nah we are in the spanish branch, and he said woah perfect theres a family in our ward and they have relatives visiting from colombia and they came to church last week and he taught them the first lesson. he like showed us right then how to get to their house and he introduced us and it was so neat. they are catholic but dont really have a church. we taught them a lil bout the book of mormon and we have an appointment with them tonight! miracles. also we had dinner at the cornias. last supper and we didnt even know it. cause then  he got released from his calling the next day hahha. but their family is amazing. he served for like 4 years.

also presidnt and sister taylor texted us like congrats on 5 new investigators hahah

friday: the other hermana in the apartment got a weird flu so we got to go on splits and get a bunch of chlorox. it was fun. but shes better now

thursday: i had my least awkward oym thus far! at the library i saw a lady looking at spanish dvds so i was just like hey im trying to learn spanish and i need some practice (but in spanish) and then it was so natural.

wednesday: we finaaaaally met this lady who we have been trying to visit since we got to portland. she doesnt want to go to the branch so we are looking for an english ward to get her to attend. my companion’s lotion spilled in her bag and she was mad and had no where to wipe it so i offered my legs. hahahhaha it was so symbiotic. but it was on like the corner of a main street. hopefully it didnt look too awkward.

tuesday: we ate 12 grapes at the gadeas for the months in 2014, but that was after we ate sooo much real dinner food. the members love feeding us. after we visited a recent convert and brought them to the party in the new building. the new years party. it was fun and we left at 9. i cant believe its 2014.

monday: i was sad for some reason but now i cant remember why, but my companion gave me a pep talk. she doesnt like went its silent so if i dont answer she will just keep talking, which is good cause then i dont have to say anything hahahha but she’s a good companion

en general: it was a good week. thanks for people for liking my statuses haha. i am super grateful to be a missionary here and speaking spanish. i love the branch and i love this gospel. and my favorite quotey thing this week is “dont be fearful before something bad has happened” which makes sense.

everyone have a the best week ever, and then have an even better one next week. life keeps getting better and better.  i love it.

what a fun week!

DSCF0626what a fun week! christmas day was so nice. well okay so was christmas eve. we went to eat at a members house and we learned how to make egg rolls hahahha and then i used the technique for a present the next day. but on christmas we woke up and opened presents. the missionaries in my district knew that i didnt get the package from my family yet so they bought me presents secretly. it was the nicest thing ever. like on christmas i just woke up knowing i didnt have any gifts but then i did!  my distict is the best district. they are all so funny but then just so caring and i dont know what i did to be this blessed. we went to breakfast at the salazars and hung out with the dog cheekie. i dont really know how to spell it. but a couple weeks ago they said they thought she was pregnant. so like monday night we stopped by hahahha cause i felt that maybe the dog was having puppies and we could help. but it wasnt hahahha. anyways breakfast was goood and then we had lunch at the cornias. slash SKYPED. and that was marvelous. to see my family. wow i love my family. and then i forget what else happened but we went over to the solis house at some point and sang some songs and ate some tamales and tacos and life was good.

and then on thursday we had district meeting and went to subway and i got the chirstmas package!! and i love my family even more. everything was great and thanks mom and thank you aunt saskia and rebecca and chelsea and everyone. you are great people.DSCF0672

on friday i went on exchanges to hood river. and we stopped in cascade lox to meet and switch and thats where the selfies were taken. hood river is beautuful and the drive there was beautiful. there are orchards everywhere and i just want to go in the spring and eat all the fruit! but i got to work with hermana porter and we taught somebody. she had been baptized by english elders a few years ago. she saw an ad on tv!! and called and yeah. anyways so we talked to her and showed her <>  i just want everyone to watch “mountains to climb” and read the conf talk by president uchtdorf  “come join with us”.

then on saturday we got to drive alll the way from hood to portland and it was the prettiest drive ever. so much green.  my favorite color is green. someone that the other hermanas taught got baptized and it was good.

yesterday at church was cray. they announced that the siempre verde will now meet in gresham so that was pretty tramatic. i guess they have had there own building and same meeting time for like 7 years. and so now some people are just gunna go to their respective english wards. but it will be good. i am glad i am able to serve in this branch and that everything is so changey on missions. but the one thing that never changes is gods love for us and the example of jesus christ we are to follow.  i love this gospel and i love being a missionary.  i really love being out here and knocking doors. yesterday 3 in a row got shut in my face. but it was fun. i usually have a pretty solid record of people being nice ahhahaha anyways. life is great and i love all my family and friends. have a nice new years. xoxo hermana scow.


also im finally gunna write people back today ahhh soorry im a terrible person

Sorry….here’s last week’s email (slacking blog manager)

the s family came to church agaaaaain. last week we taught them on monday and then on tuesday the branch president came with us and gave them priesthood blessings.  tonight we have a lesson and apartently their uncle that is a member is coming so hopefully that goes really well.

we have been doing some fun door knocking and tracted into this cool family. we taught em about the book of mormon and they want to learn more. they seem super prepared and we are super excited about that

then we also taught o and b and now we are teaching the dad too! but we brought a member and she kind of talked about everything. like somtimes members just get super excited and then talk about so many things that we havent even taught yet. but anyways that was a good lesson and they want us to keep coming back. they go to another church and like dont know if it is okay to go to both churches but we explained that it definilty is fine to learn all you can.

we went to a like buffet with a member for dinner one night. it was like chinese and japanese and american food! everyone was super suprised we dont go to that many buffets, so that was quite an experience. DSCF0055it just reminded me of the cruise. but the elders made me eat baby octopus.  the night before they wanted us to eat lengua but we had a lesson so we left before they could order it so hermana peterson agreed to eat the octopus and then i had to also. but it was like the smallest bite ever and it was disgusting.

i still have a cold but i finally bought nyquil and dayquil so ill probabaky just start taking that super regularly. i cant belivee that it still isnt christmas. we have been singing christmas songs since thanksgving!

we had a zone meeting where we talked about teaching to the most important thing which is eternal life, power from on high, and remission of sins, like and every lesson we are to refer to that because thats really the reason why we do anything, to get thoes awesome eternal gifts. oh goodness i want to be with my family forever. everything goes by way to fast and it freaks me out. like how sad would it be if nothing happened after this life?

pues, i just want to say how grateful i am for Jesus Christ, for his atonement and the knowledge that he died on the cross and thought about every single person. i want to be more christlike and just do the things that he would. he is such an incredible example and we are so blessed to have his church again on the earth.

happy hanukah to lena

thanks for sending me christmas presents!!!! you are the best people. how did i get so lucky to have you guys in my life? thanks for everything and if anyone ever has any questions about this or that please ask me like via facebook chat or something. i love you all and wish you the best christmas ever. next year at this time ill be like almost coming home ahhhhh.

well yea i love you guys a lot. thanks for being my family. i hope your christmas is wonderful! 2014 will be cool.DSCF0542