i finally got to use my weird talent…


the s family came to churrrrch and liked it!

okay monday night we taught them about prayer and just like talked with them about their life, they have been through some crazy stuff but are an incredible family. we committed them to pray about being baptized and they said they would. our lesson is tonight!! but also they came to the CENA NAVIDENA!!! the branch had a christmas party on saturday night. we seriously invited everyone we know to it. like only the s family came hahha but it was great because they loved it and the son like even stayed after and played the piano. he is like 18 and is just a great kid. their dad is in mexico and like he is just surrounded by girls and wants some guy friends and so i keep trying to encourage the young men to be freinds with him. but he is really talented and he wants to feel gods love in his life! like the spirit was so strong in the lesson and i just got exicted and was like ahhh  you need to get baptized and get the holy ghost. we have practiced a ton for the lesson tonight but im still nervous. also the only other person that came to the christmas party that we invited was this creepy man at the library. we kepyt trying to talk about church but he was creepy  but i was just like hahaha yeah well we are missionaries. do you want missionaries to come teach you? hahah anyways he finally left.  the party was great though!!!! so much ham and dessert and a little salad which i ate. and yea i am getting better at mingling and spanish mingling.  its fun.  and like its always kind of competetiony like which missionaries can talk to the most people. well it probabaly isnt like that… i just get competitive.


oh also on monday so we played sports and then emailed and there wasnt much time to buy groceries so we just went to walmart cause everyone wanted to go there. anyway i dont like walmart so i didnt buy any groceries (i was in a bad mood)  hahahha which was really dumb but i am still alive. and today we went to winco. 

we had a district meeting on wednesday and those are always fun and helpful. we talked about comp unity. i am pretty sure it was for hermana p and i. hahha. but we had a GREAT comp inventory on saturday after weekly planning and everything is waaaay better. we were super honest and just like yeah layed it down, and i think its gunna be an awesome transfer. transfers are on wednesday but everyone in our district is staying. im excited. our disttict is funny and also good. and im just glad i am not in a trio!!

also on wednesdsay night we went caroling with the branch but only like men came. so it was really interesting caroling groups hahahhaha like 4 heramanas and 2 men. but our investiagators liked it!! and aparently the brannch is like changing locations in january and like the boundaries are changing but we dont know anything and like the members dont, so it keeps thinks exciting. being a missionary like means sooo much change it might be unhealthy. just kidding its great.

on friday someone from the 70 came and talked to us about teaching the most important thing and i took some good notes on that. it was really long. but i always like seeing all the missionaries hahah the conference was great though. we are here to make a difference. like i learn this stuff and im like duh thats so easy but then doing it in spanish is a differnt story. also my companion finally told me why no one can tell when im asking questions, as opposed to just saying a statement. its cause my way of talking has such weird inflections and for questions i am supposed to go up at the end, but i dont, ugh. i get to work on that now.

but we did get to teach someone in english. knocking doors is fun cause its always a surprise and we knocked and met an old lady who was so hesitant to talk to us at first but then eventually she let us in her house!! and the other good knocking experience: we sang to our friend who calls us like 50 times a day, and then her neighbor kept like peeking out her door so im like hey lets go sing to her.  she was from ukraine and didnt really understand engllish but somehow we got her to sing silent night in her language and i copied her at the same time hahahhah i finally got to use my weird talent!!! i was so happy and my companion was pretty impressed.


also this week we took a member out with us to some lessons. she was perfect. like she was able to share her experiences and feelings about the book of mormon and just answer their questions. she is  nice and helps us with spanish and we help her with english. and she calls her husband. husbandcito hahhaha which is like lil husband but he is HUGE. anyways. we had some great lessons about the book of mormon and the plan of salvation.

the members are great. one of them calls me a gangster.

it has been a great week!! i love being a missionary! i dont love using facebook. but maybe i will….eventually.  the church is still true and i love reading the book of mormon. its a perfect time of year to talk about jesus and give someone you love the book of mormon.  i am so grateful for my family and my parents and everyone. thanks for writing letters and your prayers and i just am so so sooo blessed.



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