wednesday was the best day ever…

on monday night on the way to exchanges someone called us because they wanted us to come say a prayer with them!  like we had met her a couple weeks ago and she told us to come back the next day in the morning so we did and she wasnt there.  we left a note with our number cause who doesnt love notes.  anyways. her husband like put it on her calendar.  so he just lost his job and she is like sick.  she saw our note and decided to call us!!  it was the best call ever.  she is the best lady ever.  she like reads her kids the bible every morning and night and like she wants them to do cool things but she doesnt have much money so she has them draw the bible stories.  anyway she is just great and has a really good attitude, we prayed with her and taught her about the book of mormon and watched the mormon message “mountains to climb”.  it was grand.  and she wants us to come to family home evening with her. so that was good and then me and hermana petersEn (who is serving in hood river but now she just got her visa finaaally for argentina) were on exchanges and loving it and taught some more lessons. and it was great

then on wednesday was literally the best day ever.  we got to go to the portland temple! and deseret book and we had a cool christmas conference at which like president taylor spoke and someone else and all the missionaries leaving soon bore their testimonies.  next year that will be me.  ahhh january 2015…anyway the conference was great and long and then there was a talent show too which was pretty funny.  the washington vancouver mission is the best.  sorry everyone.  but it was a craazy long day.  i finally saw sister patton and it was nice…our friendship has improved astronomically now that she isnt training me.

on thursday we had a district language study which was super helpful.  i still suck at indirect and direct object pronouns.  jk im getting better.  also we saw our investigator’s daughter who was shy last time and wouldnt talk to us.  but she was talking to us so i got so excited.  and she asked for our number so i gave it to her.  she has a mental disability and ended up calling us for like 4 hours straight.   so like 60 missed calls.  it made me laugh every time but hermana petereson would just hand me the phone and say its your new friend…. now she is only calling us like 20 times a day so thats good.

one night sister peterson tried to teach me how to sing. like it was cool i guess

also on friday we helped someone move that lives in our apartment.  he was super nice and like on the portland rugby team and he invited us to mexican food hahha but we are missionaries. so then he gave us 20 dollars and we were like woaaah please no.  then he told us it was to buy little toys for kids. awhh. so sweet.  and we did end up having meixcan food for dinner…at a members house. hahhaa

also we went over and taught a great family. sister peterson made cheesecake. the family is great and sooo interested and they all have great questions. we taugfht about the plan of salvation and brought a member.  people loooove members.

now i am sick.  like its snowing and i am regretting not getting a flu shot, but its just like a soar throat.  and hermana peterson made me drink some like what is that stuff essential oils hahhahha.  basically she is always trying to make me eat her food. so i am just having a lot of fun lbs this transfer.  my comp was very sketched out about me driving in the snow muahhahaha.

last night we went to the branch presidents house for dinner.  they made pumpkin pancakes ❤ and i played cats with their daughter.  she named me oreo.  and i helped her build a fort.  also we watched the chirstmas devotional (#christmasdevo,  such interesting jesus voice overs). but it was good.

and today we had district p day in vancooooover. home sweet home.  we played vollleyball and some kickbally game, life is good. the church is true and i finished the book of mormon and now i started it again. hahha you can talk to me on facebook if you have like missionary questions and what not. its weird to be on facebook and sorry if everyone else thinks it weird too. but anyways. thanks for everything. i love it. its almost CHRISTmas.

dont buy me like a tree or stuff like that. thanks… hahaha hermana petersons mom sent her one, i would just rather have clothes. hahhaha i love you!!! have a great week


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