i love being a missionary

HELLLLLLLO…i am such a happy missionary!!!! our zone is the best. we had a zone meeting on tuesday and ahhh it was just great. like we made goals and it was so motivational. we had a little testimony meeting at the end which was great also.  like everyone in the zone is awesome and such good examples to me.  i love being a missionary.  but what was really stressed was having 10 OYMs everyday, an oym is just open your mouth, which sounds easy enough. but its like you introduce yourself and share a lil spiritual thing and then invite them to do something. we give a tonnnn of mormon.org <http://mormon.org>  cards out this way.  i really hope people are actually going to mormon.org <http://mormon.org>  cause its way cool and mormon messages are sooo inspirational.  i just want everyone to watch them.  anyways. sometimes it hard to talk to oym 10 people cause we are in lessons, are driving to other lessons, and its cold outside. but i know the more people we oym the better. and sometimes it confuses me that there are so many missionaries and we are all talking to so many people everyday…. how are there still people that havent met missionaries?  anyways, we have been working really hard on 10 oyms a day because one of the apostles promised that if we get 10 oyms everyday everyday everyday, our baptisms will double. and our zone goal is to have 2 baptisms per companionship before the end of the year.  ahhhh i know that we can do it though.  like theres a really good family that wants to get baptized.  what better way to start out 2014, than being baptized.

last week we were at this apartment complex, and it was like 830 and i said namaste to this man who looked like he would appricate it.  he did.  he got sooo excited and was like how did you know that?  anyways he was so happy to talk to us and like invited us over to his house.  anyways, this other man like came up to us and was being so weird and so we introduced ourselves but he like thought we were prostiutes like it reaaaaally freaked me out.  he was like welll uhhh i live right over there if you girls want to comeover. and i was just like oh okay awesome.  but it really scared me and now i dont like that apartment complex. but our investigators live there hahahhah.

that same night we visited a lady who was AWESOME. she has been reading the book of mormon and feels really good about it. she showed us some literature from a different church and was like i dont think this is real or good. what the whaaat, she is so golden. but her spanish is kind of hard to understand so that was interesting. but we have a lesson with her tomorrow  soooo hopefully that goes  well.

i kind of forget what else happened except i want to be vegetarian. i bascially am at home. they had pumpkin pie samples at trader joes ❤ but i didnt buy one.

ohhhh how could i forget!! grandpa thank  you soosososoososo much for the fruit basket. that was the best thing ever, the elders made fun of me but the fruit was great and i am sooo grateful for you. also my companion was talking about fish today and i just miss your fish. like i told her we couldnt talk about it anymore cause it made me miss you.

and mrs ito and mrs. oren: thank you for the socks. they are so cute and i just love them!

mom: THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!! i love when you send me clothes ❤ thanks for the brush and my shirts and the polka dot one is cute!! and the sweaters are awesome. i realllly am also happy about my leggings and im wearing the sweater ones right now. they help a ton!

its been suuuper windy here and like kind of hard to be motivated to go outside and knock doors. but today is pretty and hoepfully it wont be so windy anymore. but yeah everything in the nw is great. one of the members owns a foodtruck so we get to eat there every tuesday. it is sooo delicious. tacosgadea or something,

thank you everyone for everything. i love you and i love being a missionary. The members in this branch are incredible and they are so ready to do missionary work and it makes me so happy. go out with the missionaries!!!!!!!!!!

we get to start using facebook to like prosylete every day. that should be ineresting. i hope everyone has a niiiiiice week. IMG_2175



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